1. Manley Laboratories Absolute Headphone Amplifier

    Manley Laboratories Absolute Headphone Amplifier

    Class A Reference Quality Triode Tube Headphone Amplifier / Preamp, switchable between Single-Ended and Push-Pull, adjustable Negative Feedback, three gain settings, 4 pin XLR output, 3 selectable impedance settings, switchable mono / stereo, left / right balance, defeatable bass / treble EQ...
  2. me2621a

    Balanced Triodes with 15%?

    Hi, I ordered an NOS RCA 5691 with a triod readings of 51/59 based on the sellers test equipment. If I have done the math right, they are about 15% out of balance. I am going to be using this tube in an Amp and Sound Mogwai SE (which uses one triode for the left channel, and one for the right)...