1. hopelesswanderor

    TRADED : [EU/UK] Sennheiser Momentum 3 for your Hifiman Sundara or (HD6XX+Eur)

    I am looking for a owner of Hifiman Sundara/HD 6XX who would be willing to trade it for Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless. I am a new audio enthusiast, stumbled upon head-fi early this year looking for wireless headset. I ended up lurking even after my purchase of Sennheiser momentum 3(For which I...
  2. alxw0w

    FOUND [FT] Chord Mojo Mint warranty. For Denafrips Ares I or II

    Hello I have mint Chord Mojo for trade. Unit was bought 28-10-2019. Sop it's still on warranty. I want to trade in Mojo for Denafrips Ares I or II DAC or maybe Chord 2qute (must be in black). Of course with additional money from my side. Feel free to contact FOUND
  3. Mobat

    Shure SE846 Clear (SOLD)

    Haven’t been using these much during the lockdown, looking for something new Looking for other in ears, an Ultrawide monitor, VR or PayPal. Timestamp:
  4. moaksb

    Traded - 4 defective IEM's for one working one

    For trade: 4 defective IEM's. They all come with the original travel cases, tips and accessories. (And the RE400 and ETY with the original packaging) Looking to trade for a Head Direct RE400 or something similar (make me an offer :ksc75smile: ) They all have 1 defective side. 1x Head Direct...
  5. Mobat

    Chord Mojo (Trade Pending)

    I don't find myself using the Chord Mojo as it's a little cumbersome to carry with the Apple camera adapter which is required to use the Chord with IOS. The Chord is in good shape, I don't have the box but I will include the adapter to use it with IOS devices. I would happily trade it a pair of...
  6. Mobat

    Chord Mojo (Pending Trade)

    I don't find myself using the Chord Mojo as it's a little cumbersome to carry with the Apple camera adapter which is required to use the Chord with IOS. The Chord is in good shape, I don't have the box but I will include the adapter to use it with IOS devices. I would happily trade it a pair of...
  7. Mobat

    Sony WH-1000XM3 (Traded)

    Selling these like new Sony WH-1000XM3’s. They are very convenient and they feel very nice but I recently got a Mojo and SE846 on a steal so I don’t see myself using these anymore. They are a little more than a month old, have no scuffs or scratches and I have everything they came with. I’d...
  8. Darth Plagueis the Wise

    [FS] Selling headphones and (probably) an amp

    I will be selling some audio stuff once I can post on corresponding forums. Message me if you want it now. Prices TBD, shipping negotiable depending on mood after the first mid-term. Trade welcome, but prefer US$. For now, here's a teaser: Monolith M560, no mods, I'll leave in something from...
  9. Butter123

    [WTT}: Mint Bose QC35 for a Sennieser Momentum 2.0 Active Noise Canceling

    I have a barely used, max 10 hours of Bose QC 35 in black. The noise canceling and the comport is unbeatable. The item comes with carrying case, airplane adapter, 2.5 to 3.5 cable, two micro usb charger. The pads are almost brand new, probably been used for only 10 hours. Let me know if you...
  10. alxw0w

    [SOLD]FS/FT: Chord Hugo TT mint condition warranty

    - first owner - mint condition - comes with all accessories original double box etc. - bought 26.03.2019 on (so still on warranty) - buyer pays for shipping and paypal fees (headphones seen on picture are not for sale) If you are interested in better photos - contact me There is...
  11. TommyFro

    WTB: Hegel Dac/ Soekris 1321

    Edit 9/10: Changing this to a looking for ad. Mainly looking to pick something up in a few weeks, but willing to buy now if the price is too good to pass up. Not fully set on which model I want. Had a hd11 a while back and miss the sound, so willing to try the others or that one again. Let me...
  12. Dinrog

    WTT // Sony IER-Z1R for Audeze LCD-i4

    Hey guys Bought an IER-Z1R couple months ago and i have to part with it. The sound is phenomenal and i got no issues with comfort but.. I cannot deal with the seal in the earcanal, the pressure is so annoying, it drives me crazy... i would rather trade it for an I4 because i already have an...
  13. JoeDoe


    Just took hold of this balanced amp/DAC unit from Keces, but need to fit into a smaller footprint on my desk. If you're a planar user, this guy has power in spades! Not to mentione a TOTL ESS chipset. Want to trade it for an RME ADI-2 straight up. The S3 specs and reviews are below, quite...
  14. Mobat

    Fitear F111 (Sold!)

    Really a fantastic IEM with terrific build quality, clarity and surprisingly good spaciousness. However the signature isn’t what I’m looking for and I want to try something new. Im interested in amps/dacs, other full-size headphones and portables. The condition is perfect and includes...
  15. Larethio

    [FOR TRADE] My Lg V35 Thinq for Granbeat.

    Im looking to trade away my carefully used LG V35 Thinq with four ESS 9018p dac phone for an Onkyo Granbeat. The phone is rooted with Bootloader unlocked and Magisk Root installed. USA Unlocked Pie OS. The phone is in very good used condition as it was used with an Otterbox all the time. Im...
  16. ohcrapgorillas


    offer no longer available, please delete thread
  17. cr3ativ3


    selling a pair of Westone W40 In good condition.boxed with new tips . The Black Faceplate has a little crack under the screw but works fine. Also open for trades :)
  18. cr3ativ3

    FS/FT: Campfire Solaris (mint) for Sony IER-Z1R

    Hi Want to trade my CA Solaris for your Sony IER-Z1R. The Solaris is pristine condition , boxed PM me if someone wanna trade :) Please EU located
  19. dnlee480

    KEF LS50W White Color (Like New)

    Hi, I am selling a mint like new condition pair of Kef LS50w wireless with bluetooth in white with gold cone. Mint like new condition. Used less than an hour. Purchased for my wife. She does not want them. She is not into speakers like I am. She's content with her little bluetooth boombox...
  20. pali

    FT: My EA Ares II 2pin 2.5mm to Your EA Ares II MMCX 3.5mm (or other cables)

    Hey headfiers! Trading my Ares II 2pin 2.5mm, which has been barely used because I upgraded my Phantom's cable right after getting it. It's an excellent copper cable, which is why I want an MMCX 3.5mm version for my backup IEMs (Shure SE215). If you have other cables that are MMCX 3.5mm that...
  21. Earl of Bouillon

    [FS] Mr.Speakers Alpha Prime ***SOLD***

    Greetings, Looking to sell my mint condition Mr.Speakers Alpha Prime. They come with the original box, stand, doggie treats, and tuning guide. I also have a 5 ft, 4 pin xlr custom balanced LQi cable for them. Price: $450 shipped (+$80 to include custom cable) Pictures Below:
  22. Notanaudiophile85

    Trade for Wireless Over-Ears

    I'm interested in trading some of my gear (maybe all for the right trade) for a respectable set of wireless over-ears. Here are the I'm willing to trade are: 1) Master & Dynamic MH 30 On Ear (Gunmetal) 2) V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear (Wired and Shadow Color) 3) Topping NX1s Portable...
  23. A

    Price Drop Sony XBA Z5 for sale

    Selling These to help pay for university. Overall good condition, slight wear of paint howeverno physical damage. Open to trade although prefer to sell. Great earphones that I wish I could keep but hopefully someone else can enjoy them as much as I do! Also selling Fiio X5 gen 3 dap if you are...
  24. Ksweene5

    Shinola / Campfire Audio Canfield Pro IEM - Brand New

    Up for sale is a pair of Shinola Canfield Pro In-Ear Monitors by Campfire Audio. These are new and will come with full warranty. These are a quad BA setup and co-designed and made by Campfire Audio. Thought it was worth passing on a deal here. Willing to sell or trade - primarily looking for a...
  25. Mobat

    ZMF Vibro MKII (Sold/Traded)

    I've owned the MK2 for a bit and I do really like them, but I'm getting that new headphone itch. I'm mainly into the idea of trading for an IEM but I will consider full sized trades. What I would love would be the Massdrop Plus with cash or headphone. With this sale or trade you would receive...