1. FSonicSmith

    Has anyone had a chace to try the B.M.C. PureDAC?

    It looks beautiful, it's pricepoint is unbelievable given it's pedigree, and I keep waiting for a Head-Fi review. Anyone?
  2. padam

    TC Electronic BMC-2 DAC [EU]

    Advertising this for a friend of mine. TC Electronic BMC-2 DAC in near mint conditon, box and all acessories included.    Sold.
  3. ceausuc

    TC Electronic BMC2

    I have a TC Electronic BMC2 DAC for sale. I think this is as good as the Stello DA100 it replaced.   Works perfectly, no problems.   Price is 210USD. Buyer pays Shipping. Shipping could be 15-40EUR depending on destination. I prefer bank transfer (IBAN) in EUR/USD.   Thank you
  4. SoundCarrier

    TC Electronic BMC-2

    Hi, Have any of you used the TC Electronic BMC-2 ? It's a studio monitor controller with a built in DAC and headphone amp. Here are a couple of links if you haven't heard of it: TC Electronic | BMC-2 YouTube - [Musikmesse] TC Electronic - BMC-2 It's has just the features I need for...
  5. Leonardo Drummond

    Review: B.M.C. PureDAC

    Hello everyone,   Given that I will soon start to publish my review website in English, I'm starting to translate the new reviews, so I reckoned I'd post it here. It's about the new B.M.C. PureDAC, and I hope you guys like it!     INTRODUCTION I still remember when I first saw a B.M.C...
  6. TC Electronic BMC-2

    TC Electronic BMC-2

    For pro monitor control, add TC Electronic's BMC-2 to your studio setup. This useful desktop monitor controller operates with or without your computer. It not only lets you switch between digital in sources - S/PDIF/AES3, TOS, and ADAT - but also lets you take instant, practical control over...