1. rhyyhm

    Earpad Sale - Fit ATH-M50s & Taction Kannons

    These are pads for ATH-M50s or Taction Kannons. Rarely used. Shipping not included. Dekoni Leather Pads - $30 Wicked Cushions - $8
  2. Benz-Fi

    FS/FT: Taction Kannon Headphones (Mint condition)

    Up for sale or Trade are a pair of almost new Taction Kannon headphones. I've only used them a hand full of times so it's time to pass them on to someone who will enjoy them more often. Comes with original case, all parts and accessories most still packaged as new. Asking $375 - PP/Shipping...
  3. GanGreinke

    [SOLD] *Price drop* Taction Kannon

    For sale are a pair of Taction Kannon headphones in mint condition with all of the original accessories and case. The price is $275, which includes paypal and shipping fees within the US.
  4. hpfalcon

    [sold]Taction Kannon

    For sale is this Taction Kannon headphone It was used at most 15 minutes so it is like like-new sold
  5. DonChuy

    **SOLD**[FS] Like New Taction Kannon Headphones **SOLD**

    These headphones are great for gaming, watching movies, bass heavy music, etc. Mids and Highs are very nice too. I'm letting them go because I don't see them using them on the go or at the gym and most of the time I use iems. Price includes paypal fees and shipping within the US. For...
  6. davixx500

    Taction Technology KANNON Headphone

    Kannons are barely used maybe 1 hour playtime not even charged once. either for $$$ or if somebody has something they want to trade in the same price range (Headphones, AMPs or the jvc sz2000) ill be happy to look into that as well. Shipping would be from Germany. comes just like it was shipped...
  7. Benz-Fi

    WTB: Taction Kannon Headphones

    Looking to buy a pair of Taction Kannon headphones. === PURCHASED ===
  8. TikantiXD

    Looking for headphones with a dedicated vibrating driver

    I am looking to buy new headphones for someone who has what is known as Single-Sided Deafness. She currently owns the Skullcandy Crushers, (older) wired edition. For her, the Crushers have been a miracle. The dedicated vibrating driver gives her the feeling of bass, and she really enjoys that...
  9. Taction Kannon

    Taction Kannon

    The Taction Kannon is a premium over-ear headset with audiophile-quality sound and high-fidelity tactile reproduction. Low-frequency sounds that the body both feels and hears are rendered with unparalleled clarity. The experience is immersive. breath-taking, powerful and precise. The natural...