1. GNURush

    How much will semi-open gaming headphones leak?

    I'm looking for a pair of cheap headphones to use while gaming, as I find that my Sunrise Xciteds are uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. The Samson SR850 and Superlux HD668B come highly recommended, and seem to be about in line with what I'm looking for with one caveat: They leak...
  2. Dannny

    Request: Best Analytical IEM sub-$100

    I've been looking through Joker's and ClieOS' reviews for several days now, but every time I latch onto a pair of IEMs, no matter how hard I try and believe they are "the ones," I always manage to be convinced otherwise by price, bass-emphasis, defects, availability, or general dislike among the...
  3. GNURush

    Static discharge from my IEMs

    I bought a pair of Sunrise Xciteds a few months ago, and when I have them plugged into my computer via a 3.5mm extension, I am hearing popping, and it feels like static between my IEMs and my ears. I'm thinking that the problem might be buildup of static in the extension cable, which is then...
  4. imadroppa

    On the search for Quality IEM's

    Looking for some good IEM's at around 80-140 dollars. I listen to predominantly rap and hip-hop so I'm looking for something with good sub bass, and balanced highs & lows, with clear vocals. And also have good isolation too. I enjoyed the Xears TD4 until they screwed me over, so if anybody can...
  5. belushka

    Best IEMs under 80 $. POLL added.

    Hi, can you tell me which are the best IEMs under 80$ ?  I listen to rock, metal, pop, reggae, classical, electronica, house. I narrowed it down to these four. Which of them do you think are best and why?
  6. P

    Detailed, good soundstage and balanced FR under $80 - VSonic GR06 vs Sunrise Xcited vs <?>

    Hello everyone,   I live in India and after an unexpected mishap with my previous set of in-ears (the Soundmagic PL-30), I'm on the lookout for a successor.  Being in India, however, availability and price (shipping costs) is an issue, but anything that's available for less than say, 80...
  7. Sunrise Audio Xcited

    Sunrise Audio Xcited

    Sunrise Xcited has a crisp and sharp sound that gives you all the highs, mids and low for your music! You will definitely enjoy its clean and bright sound! Made with aluminium housing, the Sunrise Xcited is stylish and stunning!