stax 007
  1. billqs


    I never thought I would have the nads to do this, but times are tough! Up for sale: STAX SR-007 mk2: I've owned these for several years and had new sound elements installed by STAX in November of 2018 (I have the invoice which I will gladly produce). There a few slight marks in the coating...
  2. Erfan Elahi

    FOUND [Wanted: (Trade only) HE-1000v2 / Empyrean / SR-007 or L700+Energizer]

    Hi, I have a Empire Ears Wraith in excellent condition. I have the stock box and accessories without the stock Cleopatra cable. I can include my Effect Audio Ares ii Bespoke 8 braid with 4.4mm termination. I would like to trade this for any of the following: > Meze Empyrean > HIFIMAN HE-1000v2 >...
  3. bwck2000


  4. boozcool


  5. L

    STAX SR-007 mk 1/ Omega II electrostatic phones Sold

    Stax SR 007 MK1. This is a rare item. Come with original box. no manual. No trade I only ship to 48 continental states. Including original box. Price including shipping.
  6. L

    STAX SRM-007t Ear speaker dedicated tube Amp unit

    Selling my Stax SRM 007T. i bought it directly from Japan. Therefore, this unit has voltage of 100V. you can change it to 120V. i do not have much experience but should not be difficult. Please inspect the pictures. Come with cable and original box. I only ship to continental USA. This unit is...
  7. lambdastorm

    $old: STAX SR-007 Mk1

    Up for sale is a STAX 007 Mk1 in good condition. Very low serial, 705XX. Smoke-free, pet-free home. A bit of backstory: I have had 3 007s in the past, one port-moded mk2.9, one 71XXX and this one. I‘ve always found the mk2.9 bright, even after the port-mod. The two mk1s sound very similar, but...
  8. Volker

    A dream came true – Abyss AB-1266 driven by AudioValve RKV III

    Dear Head-Fi members, today I want to share my experience with the Abyss AB-1266 being driven by the AudioValve RKV 3 tube headphone amp. This article is about the story how both finally became my components for the lonely island - after a longer research and trying out and comparing different...
  9. Dan Lee


    First wanted to say I'd be open to a trade for a Singxer SU-6 plus cash. Might also consider some planar options. Hit me up with some offers. Hi guys I have recently been review 5 of the best known and well liked electrostatic cans available. Unfortunately I can not keep them all. I...
  10. italiandoc1

    SOLD- Please Close - Stax SR-007 (O2mkI) 71xxx serial - Exceptionally Clean!

    Hi All, Looking to sell my lovingly used 007. These excellent stats have been paired with a BHSE and played only at "responsible" levels. There are no issues or defects to disclose - channel balance and SQ are perfect. It is the brown/bronze scheme and will come with original packaging...
  11. QwertyQmin

    FS: Stax SR-007 Mk2 SZ3 (SN 2020) (SOLD)

    Hi! These really don't need any introduction, if you're here, you know electrostatic headphones offer the highest quality of sonic reproduction anywhere. To clarify, no, they are not bass light. People who claim that are experiencing a phenomena that occurs because electrostats are so sensitive...
  12. billqs

    Which SR-007's Do I Have?

    I have a set of SR-007s which I love. I got them from someone on Audiogon. They lack a serial number, unfortunately. The headband says they are SR-007s MKII, but they have Champagne colored housing. They have black pads and brown cord. They came in a box that said STAX SR-007. I've muddled...
  13. Zworks

    [STAX] SR-007 mki sz1_ at least 9/10 Cond

    Perfect working condition, no obvious scratch. Including original box flight box warranty card and owner's manual. I will shoot a video to prove its condition before I mail it. Questions are welcome.
  14. Zworks

    Stax SR-007 mk1 sz1_ photo

    Actually, I just hope someone help me delete this post lol
  15. R

    Stax SR-007 MK1 w/ EMI-Reducer

    Hey there, I am about to sell my dream setup, as I will be moving overseas soon. This decision has not been easy for me, but it is probably my best option. Anyways: up for sale is my STAX SR-007 . The condition can be verified on the pictures, they were taken yesterday. 2 very small marks can...
  16. johnmatrix

    Stax Omega Sr-007 mk I

    Up for sale is a Stax SR-007 Omega II mk I electrostatic headphone. The headphones function flawlessly with the leather earpads in worn but usable condition. However, the leather pads are not attached and can be replaced (see the links below). These are some of the best headphones ever made with...
  17. Àedhàn Cassiel

    [WTT] LCD-3F *OR* LCD-4 for Stax

    Both in 9.5/10 cosmetic condition. No real issues to speak of besides a couple tiny chips on the 4. The LCD-3 was an open box from Adorama a year ago, and the LCD-4 was just acquired in a trade with Jozurr. If you want clearer pictures of anything in particular, feel free to ask and I’ll be...
  18. Drewligarchy

    Stax 007A mint (SZ2-1985) PayPal and shipping included

    For sale is my Stax 007A. Serial is SZ2-1985 Headphones are mint, and have the reversible bass port mod. I think this provides a significant improvement as it provides much more linearity in the bass. That said, it's easily reversible - and I am happy to reverse it if you want these stock...
  19. LAMM LL2 Deluxe

    LAMM LL2 Deluxe

    Here is the before/after modifications.
  20. TheGadaffiDuck

    Woo Audio Wee vs Stax SRD-7 pro/mk2 vs other?

    I own a Woo Audio Wee, and i am looking for other energizers to power my Stax with, if it will make a difference or not sound-wise. I am running my Woo Wee on a Bryston 2B-LP, which is powering SR-007 Mk2s (port mod). Would exercise the idea of finding an energizer i can run off a powerful...
  21. vinekly

    Stax sr-007A vs sr-009

    Some people prefer the warmer more “musical” tone of the Sr-007. Putting prices aside who believes the 007 to be superior to the 009 and why?
  22. Drewligarchy

    For Sale: 3 Former Flagships!

    I have too many headphones. I'm sure many of you can relate. While each of these headphones are fantastic in there own right, they have been supplanted by my Stax 009, LCD 4, He60, LCD XC, MrSpeakers Aeon (Open and Closed), UE18 and 64 Audio A18. For each of these headphones, I am the original...
  23. vvar10ck


    Above excellent condition, full factory package, PP and indernational worldwide shipping included!
  24. vvar10ck


    Like new condition w/o scratches, pets, smoke etc. Free shipping anywhere. PP only on buyer. Dispatch next day w/tracked airmail.
  25. LascalaHeritage

    SOLD Stax SR-007 MK1

    This is the harder to find MK1 version which most seem to prefer. Its in good shape, the elastic can be to stretched for a small head. Europe: SOLD€+shipping and paypalfees.