1. noise-phobe

    looking for sound-isolating headphones compatible w/ glasses ..

    Heya, So I'm currently in the market for a new pair of headphones. I've been obsessively researching for the past week, but keep getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of variables involved, so figured I'd finally stop torturing myself and ask for help. I have a noise sensitivity issue due...
  2. earphone gawker

    Bassbuds 2012 : have you heard of them?

    Hey guys,   I was wondering if anyone has bought these new bassbuds. The website looks quite good!
  3. soccerdude84

    Looking for IEMs with sound isolation and don't fall out easily.

    I've been using GK ultraphones the past few months for electronic drumming and the isolation is great and they stay snug on my head, but after several hours they make my jaw feel weird. Basically I'm looking for an IEM equivalent, the gk's use mdr 7506 drivers so I would, if possible, like...
  4. Sound Isolating Earbuds

    Sound Isolating Earbuds

    For better sound and less outside noise, our Sound-Isolating Earbuds are just right. The comfortable, in-ear design blocks unwanted noise, while delivering rich, full-bodied sound for music and movies. Three included sizes of earbuds ensure a snug, custom fit. Also includes a retractable...