1. qqqwwqx500

    Is SONY's MD RH1 still attractive to buy ?

    i realized that there are still some brand new rh1 avaiable rite now but is the overall performance worthy or it worth for at least as a collection?
  2. AdamTR

    Yamaha Headphones (HPH MT220 & RH10MS)

    So I searched the entire web and couldn't find a comparison between these 2 underdogs...   The RH10MS is a bit older then the MT220 but they're both designed for studio use, having the Yamaha HS80m monitor speakers I was wondering if they come close to them and would mixing/mastering on these...
  3. cooldogberk

    Sony MZ-NH1 (japan) hi-md Minidisc Player

    Hello,   It is the Sony MZ-NH1 (japan): 300 USD without paypal fees. I include everything, they are adaptor, Li-Ion battery, dock-station for charge and own usb cable(which is found very hardly)   It works perfectly. No dings or crack   Price: 300 USD Shipping: 15 USD to WW
  4. Sony MZ-RH10 Hi-MD Walkman Digital Music Player/Recorder

    Sony MZ-RH10 Hi-MD Walkman Digital Music Player/Recorder

    Skip-Free G-Protection technology for uninterrupted playback Six-line EL (organic electroluminescence) screen for data display Huge song and data storage capacity with one GB Hi-MD disc Excellent recording and digitizing capabilities with mic input and line-in jack USB connectivity for 100x...