1. Arctics

    Durable Earbuds for Sleeping

    For the past 6 months I've been using SONY MDR-EX36V daily as my sleep phones until left side stopped working. I tried to fix them myself but with those earbuds tinkering is almost impossible. On top of that my dog chewed off the cable couple of days ago. Here is a picture of my earbuds now:  ...
  2. Sony MDREX36V/RED EX Earbud Headphone (Red)

    Sony MDREX36V/RED EX Earbud Headphone (Red)

    9mm EX Drivers --- Allows for a comfortable fit and a deep and full sounding bass performance all in a small package. In-Line Volume control --- Allows you to control your volume without having to take out your player from where you are carrying it. Cord adjuster --- Allows you to conviently...