1. imackler

    Which tips for the IE8 bring out the highs the most and maybe emphasize the mids?

    Hey all! I've got a pair of IE8's coming (after missing my first pair since about 2 weeks after selling them) and wanted opinions on what you listeners feel bring out the cymbal shimmer. Last time I had them, I tried sony hybrids, sony tips from EX71, UE silicone tips, ebay bi-flange and a...
  2. obutto

    Looking for Advice on a Purchase ($80 and under)

    Hello,   I know I'm new to the forums and everything, and my first post is also one asking for advice rather than helping, but I really need some advice.   So I've been using Creative EP-630's for the last year, went through approximately two of them (possibly three in a 1.5 year span?)...
  3. Sony MDR-EX71SLA Fontopia Bud-Style Headphones with Case (White)

    Sony MDR-EX71SLA Fontopia Bud-Style Headphones with Case (White)

    Fontopia® Headphones in-the-ear design --- fits snugly, yet comfortably inside the ear; eliminates the headband so you can enjoy music while exercising, skating or dancing Sony's first closed-type Fontopia design --- reduces outside noise for high-intensity listening; helps generate powerful...