soloist 3x
  1. zukem

    Burson Soloist 3X or HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    Hey everyone new member here, I've lurked for a while but decided to join to get some help on my upgrade path. I'm really considering the 2 amps in the title but I'm not sure which one to pull the trigger on. I've listened to the GSX before but it was several years ago when I first got into the...
  2. Burson Soloist 3X Performance

    Burson Soloist 3X Performance

    Balanced/Non-balanced headphones amplifier with integrated preamplifier inside. Shiny and elegant design, quite similar in color and shape with the Conductor 3 series Key Features: 8Wpc XLR, 4Wpc SE Headphone amp / Preamp. Three levels of feedback based gain, matching headphones from 60db...
  3. raoultrifan

    Burson Soloist 3X Performance Head/Pre Amp - 8Wpc XLR with MUSE72320 volume control

    Hello, Just found out some very good news from BURSON Audio and I am glad to let you all know that a new headphone amplifier, with Class-A discreet output buffer, pretty similar with what's inside the Conductor 3X Reference, will come up to the market in few weeks. Below are some of the...