solid state amp
  1. Thenewbie76

    Which mid to high-end DAC/AMP should I get? I've found a few. Don't know which to choose.

    I am currently in search of a new DAC and headphone amp. My current gear is the SMSL SU-8 (DAC), THX 789 Massdrop (AMP) and Bravo Audio V2 (Tube amp). I am looking for a mid to high-end DAC/AMP combo that would be a good investment and last me years whilst sounding good of course. I am looking...
  2. smallcaps

    The End-Game Solid State Amplifier Master List

    Motivation Are you tired of chasing the mid-fi amp dragon? Done with flings and one-night stands with gear that was just good enough, even when your friends tell you otherwise? Are you finished doing the Walk of Shame to the Classifieds forum? Would you like to put an end to your addiction and...
  3. Astell & Kern A&ultima SP2000T Tube / Solid State Music Player (MQA, Triple AMP, LDAC, Hi-Res, DSD, 5GHz Wifi)

    Astell & Kern A&ultima SP2000T Tube / Solid State Music Player (MQA, Triple AMP, LDAC, Hi-Res, DSD, 5GHz Wifi)

    Astell & Kern A&ultima SP2000T Staying true to our philosophy of delivering original audio experiences without compromise, Astell&Kern strives to design portable music players that reach beyond the capabilities of a standard playback device to enhance the listener’s music enjoyment. The...
  4. ChrisOc

    Talking Synergy

    You have bought your new earphones, how does it fare with your sources and DAC/Amps. Tell others about what works for you and what does not work for you. Get the right synergy and the discarded and forgotten earphones and headphones will become your favourite. The best IEMs may be in the...
  5. L

    Newbie getting started advice- Amps , tube vs solid state

    Ok, so I’m really getting into headphones and want opinions advice as to what to choose. I have discovered the beauty of Roon and Qobuz and all things HD. I want to use a dac/amplifier at my desk. But I’m confused by the many tube headphone amps. I’m an Electronics systems designer, so...
  6. monkey4054

    Solid State Amp Rec up to $1000 (Poll)

    Hi everyone, I've pretty much settled on upgrading to an RME ADI-2 DAC (although I could be convinced to get something cheaper). Looking for a nice head amp to go along with it, one that is more powerful and perhaps not as apparently "sterile", "clinical" or neutral (according to some people)...
  7. Not Deaf

    Which Amp/ DAC to get?

    I currently have an Objective O2 + ODAC combo that has suited me well for a number of years. I have been lately thinking of upgrading this combination for something that is more detailed, gives a wider soundstage, and has a little more engagement and warmth. Because of this, I have been leaning...
  8. A

    Some questions about Schiit Jotunheim/other products

    Hello everyone, I was considering buying a Schiit Jotunheim with the multibit module and wanted some delucidations: 1- Do you think the 100€ is worth the upgrade from the balanced DAC(100€) to the multibit DAC(200€) module for the Jot? 2- As I understand it the Jot is ok for me since I own...
  9. Double-A

    Tube amp or ss amp for DT 880/990 Edition?

    EDIT: The focus of this thread has been changed from the 770s to the 880/990 Editions. Please disregard the poll that I was unable to edit accordingly. I apologize if this question has already been answered somewhere, but do the DT 770 Pro 80 ohm version seem to pair better with tube amps or...