1. CheggStudyTools

    Starter tube amp for iem

    I'm looking into grabbing a tube hybrid amp for my Softears Studio 4's, but would prefer to keep the budget under $250 (used is fine). I'm currently running a JDS atom with a Fiio E10k as DAC. Right now, the LD1+ seems to be the best fit for me, which I'm fine with tube and opamp rolling, but...
  2. Z

    IEMs under $300 to replace Moondrop Aria

    Hi, I wanted to upgrade my pair of Arias and I've set the budget to about $300. Obviously I'd prefer something near $200. I listen to mostly Hip-hop but I dabble into everything else too. My preferred sound signature is warm/not lifeless. I was hoping to find something that sounded more spacious...
  3. Softears Turii Ti

    Softears Turii Ti

    Latest single dynamic driver from Softears, a limited edition Titanium version of the original Turii. Technology: Mutual Inductance Eliminating Structure Ultra-high precision Titanium processing Turii ti's shell material: five-axis precision machined CNC titanium alloy+Surface AF coating...
  4. Softears Twilight

    Softears Twilight

    Specifications Impedance:16Ω Sensitivity: 116dB/Vrms @1kHz Effective frequency response: 20-20kHz (IEC60318-4) Frequency range: 15-40kHz (1/4' freefield, -3dB) THD:<1%@1kHz Housing: 5-axis finely engraved anodized aluminum alloy Driver size: 10mm Diaphragm: PU suspension+DLC diamond-like dome
  5. MusicTeck

    The Softears Turii Ti is now in stock at MusicTeck!

    Softears Turii Ti >> Shop now << Turii Ti's cable specifications: Material: 22awg 5N OCC silver Structure:litz type2 Structure:multiple wire diameter stranding Outer skin:DuPont extra soft pvc outer skin Plug: OE gold-plated plug Splitter and plug sleeve material: titanium alloy...
  6. Softears Volume

    Softears Volume

  7. G

    Softears RS10 vs 64 Audio u18t

    Looking for perspectives on reference gear for mixing. Currently mixing on Adams & NS10s Trying portable setup when traveling: - u18t / Lotoo P6k Effect Audio cables are transparent for me when comparing to PW Audio cables. I'm curious on how these iems sound through chord hugo2 & TT2. I...
  8. MusicTeck

    MusicTeck is now Softear's Exclusive North America Dealer!

    We're excited to announce that MusicTeck has partnered with Softears to become its exclusive North America dealer! Check out these beauties below 😍 👆 Softears RS10 >> Shop now<< --- Softears RSV >>Shop now<< 👇
  9. SoftEars CERBERUS

    SoftEars CERBERUS

    SoftEars CERBERUS Specifications IEM / hybrid 7 drivers: 1 (DD), 4 (BA), 2 (EST-Sonion) + 3-way crossover. Frequency Response Range: 10-80000Hz Sensitivity: 104dB / 100mV @ 1kHz Impedance: 5Ω @ 1kHz (± 15%) Detachable cable: 1.2 m, 2pin (0.78mm) / jack 3.5 mm - straight Price: $2,099
  10. Softears RS10

    Softears RS10

    Brand Softears - high-end flagships IEM "RS10" (REFERENCE SOUND 10BA) I guess this is probably the big hitter and Softear's showcase design. A really popular IEM that is considered to be near-perfect in every way. Softears is not without competition, though. There are other Chinese high-end...
  11. HuoYuanJia

    Softears - Discussion & Appreciation

    While preparing my review, I have requested the product descriptions from Softears, so now I have more info to share. (Though to me, Softears is still kind of mysterious and there's a lot I could not figure out.) Anyway, I think it is worth updating the first post. The original post is hidden...
  12. SoftEars Turii

    SoftEars Turii

    SoftEars Turii Impedance: 25 ohm @ 1KHZ (± 15% 6) Sensitivity: 117DB / VRMS @ 1 KHZ Effective frequency response: 20 20KHZ (IEC60318 4) Frequency response range: 8 42KHZ (1/4 inch free field microphone, 3DB) THD: <0.1%@1KHZ Plug: 3.5mm Line type The magnetic circuit design of Turii is often...