softears rs10
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    Softears RS10 vs 64 Audio u18t

    Looking for perspectives on reference gear for mixing. Currently mixing on Adams & NS10s Trying portable setup when traveling: - u18t / Lotoo P6k Effect Audio cables are transparent for me when comparing to PW Audio cables. I'm curious on how these iems sound through chord hugo2 & TT2. I...
  2. MusicTeck

    MusicTeck is now Softear's Exclusive North America Dealer!

    We're excited to announce that MusicTeck has partnered with Softears to become its exclusive North America dealer! Check out these beauties below 😍 👆 Softears RS10 >> Shop now<< --- Softears RSV >>Shop now<< 👇
  3. Softears RS10

    Softears RS10

    Brand Softears - high-end flagships IEM "RS10" (REFERENCE SOUND 10BA) I guess this is probably the big hitter and Softear's showcase design. A really popular IEM that is considered to be near-perfect in every way. Softears is not without competition, though. There are other Chinese high-end...