1. BosDef

    50% Off Skullcandy... Worth It Yet?

    I currently own some Audio Technica's (ATH-M50) that I use for all my music production and home listening and I really dig those, but I want something for taking onto a college campus, walking, etc. I do want something that sounds good but hopefully would also be durable and portable. I don't...
  2. yourstruly

    Smokin' Buds vs JVC Gumy

    I have no choice. My sony's stopped working today, and I only have a few days before I get out of school. I'm going to buy a pair of Yuin PK3's as soon as I get out of Boston, these just need to last me through finals. These are the only two earbuds my school's bookstore sells. Which is the...
  3. B9Scrambler

    The J+- Thread

    Hello again,   I figured I would start one thread to cover all J+- products covered, since there is a whopping three or so people who are currently showing interest in these.   So far the Wooden Earbuds and Stereo Headphones have been covered, links below;  ...
  4. ytisawfulnow

    Skullcandies that are actually good?

    95% of us dislike Skullcandy and consider their products to be poor quality but let's be perfectly honest. There has to be one good pair of Skullcandy headphones out there?   I'll start by saying the Lowriders aren't bad.   They are far from perfect and have some noticeable flaws, For...
  5. Rchez08

    In ear headphones for under £20

    Hi, Firstly, i have an ipod touch, and like a high level of bass. I listen to pop and some electronic such as dubstep. I have a pair of Sony in ear headphones my brother got for me about 2 years ago. I have already replaced the jack when it broke but it is going again, so i borrowed my...
  6. thefumexxl

    why all the skullcandy hate?

    i personally love my skullcandy smokin buds, just got em today, very comfortable fit great sound. i thought about the full metal jackets but didnt want to spring the extra cash. so just wondering what is so bad about them. oh and alot of people dont realize the GI and the TI model enclosed...
  7. Skullcandy Smokin Buds (Pink)

    Skullcandy Smokin Buds (Pink)

    Standard bud with rocking sound and killer colors.