singles' day
  1. ScrofulousBinturong

    Official 11.11 Singles Day AliExpress sale thread for 2023

    I searched and didn't find a thread about the upcoming 11.11 sale on AliExpress. What's everyone planning to order? Share good deals if you find them!
  2. DUNU-Topsound

    DUNU's 17th Anniversary Celebration: Black Friday Deals, New Product Launches, and Giveaways!

    Hot off the heels of the announcement of our new flagship, LUNA, we've got even more announcements to make! In the past 18 months, DUNU has made a slew of product announcements. Our flagship hybrid, the DK-4001, debuted late last year. This year, we released the TITAN 6, DK-3001 PRO, DM-380...