1. noktekniq

    Good recommendation for small ears

    My last pair of nice headphones was Hifiman RE262 which only lasted me a few international trips before one of the ear speakers gave out on me. The fit for those was barely comfortable with small rubber fittings Now I'm looking to replace those as Hifiman quoted me $40 bucks to repair them...
  2. Question2

    Buying earphones in Australia

    Any Australians here can give some advice on buying earphones here? I don't want to walk into the typical electronics shop and get ripped off on some crap earphones, as what usually happens when people do that...   The cables on my yuin pk2 just got sliced in half by....SOMETHING...(i have...
  3. blackice89

    Can I get some help buying a pair of IEMs?

    Hello. I recently joined because my Sennheiser 271s broke, and I need a new pair of IEMs. I don't plan on spending too much, and my utter maximum is 80 USD or 4000 Php. For my listening profile, I'm into mostly rock (Incubus, Tool, A Perfect Circle), ballads (A Perfect Circle's 3 Libras tops my...
  4. vvvvvv

    Advice on Sennheiser earbuds please!

    Hi everyone. I have to buy new earbuds. However I don't have much experience with those, so I've recently read more topics about them here... yet most of them aren't updated so they don't entirely solve my issue. I'll try keeping this short, the only options I have available are those...
  5. Sennheiser MX 271 Stereo Headphones

    Sennheiser MX 271 Stereo Headphones

    This new collection of affordable a dn stylish headphones provides a wide variety to consumers, particularly young sound lovers. There are six models each for men and women.