1. halcyon

    IEM HeadSet with Best mic quality (in noisy/windy environments)?

    Has anybody found a good pair of IEM headset with a good quality MICrophone? I've tried; - Sony MH1C - Sennheiser MM 70i - Phonak Audeo PFE 022 In all of these the MIC sound quality is sorely lacking. They pick up lots of noise, have no wind-guard to speak of and the general quality is...
  2. Headphone41

    RHA MA600i vs Senheisser MM70 vs..

    I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones with a mic, for the iPhone 5, I had a pair of RHA MA600, the sound stopped from one earpiece, I think it was due to the jack/wiring, as when I twisted it around it would intermittently work.  Anyway, i'm thinking of buying another pair of RHA...
  3. bkkornaker

    Sennheiser MM70S Review

    Sennheiser MM70S Review - INITIAL FIRST LISTENING IMPRESSIONS (No burn in period)   I got these on a nice deal ($45 from some random site) and they are normally around $100 everywhere else it seems. Too good of a deal to not try them out.   Initial impressions: V-shaped sound signature...
  4. mattcalgary

    In-ears w/ mic for Android

    Hello all, I'm looking for a pair of buds that will function with my Samsung Galaxy SII X with a mic. I had a pair of Nuforces in the past but these seem to be discontinued and build quality was less than desirable. Hoping to have dual-duty with my iPod as well so something with decent audio...
  5. Murcielago64

    IEM with microphone and slim 3.5mm connector

    I lost the little earbuds that come with the Galaxy S4.  They were the only headphones I could use with the case (Spiegen).  Does anyone know of a durable headset with good quality sound for myself and the caller???   Considering Klipsh S4  Sennheiser MM70 AKG Q350
  6. rabh

    Best earphones that are asymmetric AND have inline remote/mic?

    I'm a big fan of asymmetric earphones, after 10+ years of using Sonys, to the point where I simple can't get used to the popular y-cord style. I've been searching everywhere for a pair of asymmetric earphones with an inline remote and mic that will work with my iphone 4S. Anybody know of any...
  7. Sennheiser MM70i In Ear Earphones with Remote/Mic

    Sennheiser MM70i In Ear Earphones with Remote/Mic

    MM 70 iP Ear Canal headset optimized for latest generation of iPhone,iPod and iPads