1. BentHeadphones

    Bent Sennheiser MM100's - Are Replacement Bands Available?

    Hi,   I've got some MM100's here that I bought a couple of years ago and the band that goes round the back of the head is bent - does anyone know if you can get replacement bands for these headphones?   Thanks
  2. roma101

    WTB: Sennheiser MM 100 BT headphones

    Looking for a pair in mint condition with the charging cable. If you have one to sell, PM me.
  3. disastermouse

    Mid-fi gym headphones?

    Hey all,   I lost my TF10s coming out of the gym the other day and I want something of at LEAST similar quality to replace them.  I'm not partial to IEMs, I'm even somewhat biased against them.  I do weightlifting, so they need to stay in place but not as much as they would if I was doing...
  4. xlEnt

    Gym headphones NOT IEM

    Looking for some decent headphones that can be used at the gym   can't be IEM's as my ears are sensitive and the sweat being pushed into my ear is the reason i'm now looking for non IEM   was considering the px100, but they've gone up in price the last time i checked, and even then i...
  5. musubi1000

    Sennheiser PX210BT Bluetooth headphones you better take SERIOUSLY!!!!

      Hey Everyone,     The other day I was skimming over blog posts at headphonia and Mikes review of the Sennheiser PX210BT caught my attention. He said not only did the new generation PX surpass its predecessors but he put it up against the M50s and HD 25II and he liked the new PX based on...
  6. Aviadawg

    Bluetooth: "Bluebud x" gets loose, "Sennheiser MM100" is buggy, WHAT DO I GET THEN???

    it's very simple and im kinda lost.. I NEED GOOD BT HEAD/EARPHONES FOR RUNNING! Again, im an audiophile and i'd love it if it was producing High Quality sound, but both top notch options i found has terrible issues.. PLS help out guys.. Im desperate!!
  7. catspaw

    need advice on some new earphones

    Hello everyone,   Before anything, please do try to avoid statements on what to buy with no more information :D. Also note this will be a very long one to make sure you have as much information as you can to help me choose what i need.   I own a cowon i9 8gb, mostly using 320kbps mp3...
  8. headfimarc


  9. riahc3

    Best Bluetooth stereo headphones?

    (Sorry if this isnt the right section) Hello to everyone here. Just joined and hope I can find great information in the future :)   Im looking for opinions on a high quality Bluetooth stereo headphones.   Im currently enjoying (and like this style):   Sennheiser PMX 60  I got them...
  10. DaBird

    Microphonics - is it a big deal? How to eliminate?

    Is microphonics a big deal for you? What is the most effective way you've used to reduce or eliminate it? Do you like using a clip vs over the ear? What would you pay for a permanent, very effective fix to microphonics on your own earphones without having to replace your earphones? Or is your...
  11. dsf3g

    Deal Alert & Review $50.00 Sennheiser MM 100

    OK, first off here's the deal. An outfit named Dakmart is selling refurbished Sennheiser MM 100 bluetooth headsets for $50.00. These babies normally go for $199.00, so this is quite a discount, and a nice opportunity to get an idea how good a stereo bluetooth headphone can sound without breaking...
  12. Sennheiser MM 100

    Sennheiser MM 100

    The MM100 Bluetooth stereo headset lets you enjoy music and never miss a call all from your mobile phone. Not only is clear Sennheiser Sound quality a given—the lightweight neckband style is perfect for sports, strolling the streets or just relaxing without getting tangled up in a cord.