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  1. FiiO FH5s

    FiiO FH5s

    All new 2+2 acoustic architecture, meaning the FH5s is a hybrid driver in-ear monitor with 2 balanced armatures and 2 dynamic drivers. 2. Semi-open design at the rear cavity (It is critically acclaimed in the FD5, which has also been used in the FH5s.) 3. Three sound tuning switches respectively...
  2. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Audeze iSine20 [ SOLD]

    I have a pair of Audeze iSine20's for sale they come with the following accessories (Ear tips, Ear hooks, 3.5 mm cable, Cipher Cable V2, Carrying case and insert) and original packaging and are in excellent condition. I tried them out for less than 2 hours and found out quickly that they...
  3. Jackpot77

    Ibasso SR1 plus PT1 pads and 4.4mm balanced cable

    Ibasso SR1 with both normal and PT1 perforated pads and both 3.5mm and 4.4mm "stock" cables for sale. In excellent cosmetic condition, comes with box, case and all accessories. Purchased from another headfi'er, but I don't have time to listen to my desktop rig anywhere near as much as I should...
  4. obiwanshinobi87

    FS: ZMF Headphones Eikon Padauk w/ Case and mini-XLR cable

    In perfect working condition, no damage or defects. Will ship with case and cable. Bought directly from Zach at ZMF Headphones in 2017. Will ship with USPS Priority Mail and insured.
  5. lamaslamas

    FS Audeze isine 20 no cipher [EU]

    Looking to sell my 2 months old audeze isine 20. These are bstock I purchased from Selling for upgraditis Mint condition, being b stock there are some minor cosmetic issues as you can see in the pictures. Those are not scratches, I guess some fault in the painting process. Soundwise...
  6. iBasso SR1

    iBasso SR1

  7. Spurt

    For Sale: Audeze iSine 20 w/Cipher cable [B-stock]

    For sale are my barely used pair of iSine 20s (B-stock). I bought these in the 2018 Thanksgiving flash sale and have probably put something like 20-30 hours on these. As far as I can tell, the only thing that made this pair 'B-stock' is that they were missing one set of earhooks. As such, I...
  8. Kazz123


  9. Cloudtastrophe

    SOLD *LIKE NEW* Beyerdynamic DT 880 PREMIUM 600Ω USED 1HR - Price Drop.

    Edit: price drop Oh hi! I have a LIKE NEW German built, Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm for sale! ..but you knew that already didnt you, you smart thing you (; These are critically acclaimed and infamous. Embodying the quintessential Beyerdynamic house sound, These are killer headphones with...