1. Singxer SDA-2

    Singxer SDA-2

    AK4497EQ chip 4-way fully balanced design Independent discrete Class A amp section Includes standard USB 2.0 input, SPDIF coaxial and AES balanced inputs, analog XLR balanced output, analog RCA output. PCM 384Khz, DSD512
  2. crabdog

    Singxer SDA-2 Native DSD512 DAC Impressions and Discussion

    Based on the AK4497EQ, the SDA-2 supports 384kHz, native DSD512. Class A balanced headphone output power 3480mW @30ohms. This thing is a beast and I've been really enjoying it for the last few weeks. It sounds boss as a standalone unit but I've also been using the XLR out to my Feliks Audio...