1. DoomForce

    Trying to pick a phone for portable headphone listening.

    Hey guys,   I would like to ask, if the budget/os/other parameters were not a factor, which phone would you pick for using it as a portable player, in terms of SQ? (In the worst case scenario, together with a USB DAC, if it supports it.)
  2. Sherndog

    Headphones aren't getting loud enough?

    Hey all. My sennheiser hd439's aren't getting loud enough. Sound is great, but nothing I plug then into gets loud enough.. I mainly use my galaxy s3 and play flac. I think its the device, so any way to make the output louder? Same thing when I plug it into my ipod touch, zune, walkmen, etc...
  3. muscleking

    what amplifier can match xonar STX sound card audio quality

    i got the asus xonar stx like 2 weeks ago. now i am addicted to the sound.   using iphone 3gs and have samsung s3.   is there a best value for money headphone amp that i can put in pocket or taped to the back of the cell phone and can produce sound same as the stx?   have portapro, monster...
  4. Kunlun

    Apex Glacier amp/dac review and appreciation thread

    The successor to the TTVJ Slim is out, the new Apex Glacier   I just got mine and I'll update this post as people start getting theirs and put up reviews and comments.   From talking to Todd, the dac is a big step up from the old one in the Slim. While the amp is basically the same, it...
  5. Samsung S3 4 GB Slim Portable Media Player (Blue)

    Samsung S3 4 GB Slim Portable Media Player (Blue)

    Rock out to your favorite tunes or watch crystal-clear videos wherever life takes you on the 1.8" LCD display. The Samsung S3 plays audio, video, and displays still pictures, and text. It also comes with DNSe sound engine for a superior surround sound experience. Packed with multimedia features...