1. Endcode

    Did anyone at CES get to listen to Spider's Moonlight STEREO Headphone?

    It looks exactly the same as the Moonlight Studio, which wasn't particularly well received here on head-fi (based on a grand total of 1 review)  They do look beautiful for a $250 headphone though.  
  2. gelocks

    Spider Moonlight "STUDIO" Headphones

    Hello everyone.   I was wondering if anyone here has tried these new "Studio" headphones from Spider? Looking at the specs are, of course, a waste of time using so many beautiful and positive adjectives! LOL   From their page:   Quote:   Quote:   The only thing I could...
  3. S-HEPH-SL01 Spider Moonlight Studio Monitor Headphones,Silver

    S-HEPH-SL01 Spider Moonlight Studio Monitor Headphones,Silver

    When it comes to sound reproduction, no one knows more about the possibilities than studio engineers. They're the ones working to ensure that what's delivered to the listener mirrors what was heard as the artists actually performed. With that in mind, Spider is proud to introduce the Moonlight...