1. lin0003

    Unique Melody Miracle 6-BA CIEM Review

    A while ago, when I was in a dilemma (mind you, it was a good dilemma) of choosing what CIEM to get, I read many reviews on the UM Miracle, JH13, ES5, JH16 and the Rooth LS8. Of those, I narrowed it down to the Miracles, JH13 and LS8 since I was after a more balanced sound signature. I then...
  2. yufeng23

    (ADVICE NEEDED FOR CIEMS) TF10 x 6, UM Miracle, LS6 or JH13?

    Hi guys,    I've been surfing this forum for the past 2 days for at least 12 hours and I found many of the reviews on CIEMs extremely useful. I've read up on average_joe's reviews as well and I'm really thankful for his critical and constructive feedback.   Now I'm faced with a...
  3. Razgorth

    Looking for Classical CIEMs

    Note: This is a blatant repost from the advice thread.   Recently I've been thinking about upgrading to a set of customs, and I'd like some recommendations as to what would suit my tastes.   My budget is in the $200-600 range, although I am willing to go higher if the sound is right. I...
  4. average_joe

    Rooth demos: the evaluation of Rooth lineup – liquid clarity

    Rooth demos: the evaluation of Rooth lineup – liquid clarity     What seems like a long time ago I bought a LS8 directly from Rooth in China and in recent months Rooth has directed me to talk with Tomo from HFI International in Japan, so we got to talking.  Tomo informed me there were...
  5. knights

    Rooth LS8+ Appreciation Thread

    I search the board and found no dedicated thread for LS8+. Just got mine this morning. 
  6. abbztract

    How much difference is there between the Rooth LS4 and the UM Mage in terms of sound? Is the Rooth worth getting it I have the Mage?

    Selling my Heir Audio IEMs and have been offered the LS4 as a trade option. I already have the UM Mage and am not sure how much different the LS4 is. Is there any major difference between the two? Is it worth getting the Rooth?
  7. S

    JHA JH16 Pro (Freqphase) vs Rooth LS8

    Hello Head-Fi,   Back 1-2 months ago, I was looking for a custom, but eventually, I decided I wasn’t ready for it. After playing around and demo’ing some universals I liked, I think now I’m ready to get into the custom world. I’ve gone to the drawing board, did my research, and narrowed it...
  8. mike73blake

    CIEM with sound signature similar to the PRO 900

    I'm on the look out for CIEM's to use when I'm traveling. Can anyone suggest which make/model has the closest signature to the Ultrasone Pro 900s?
  9. average_joe

    Custom IEM Review: Heir Audio 8.A – Long live the king

    Custom IEM Review: Heir Audio 8.A – Long live the king     Heir Audio was started by Dr. John Moulton, who has been involved in the hearing industry since childhood.  Before starting Heir Audio, Dr. Moulton would post images of custom IEMs he created, all with amazing artwork and became...
  10. average_joe

    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

    This is the custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) resource thread with a collection of review summaries for many of many CIEMs with links to full reviews as well as quite a bit of information.  I complied this resource since CIEMs have poor resale value and I could not find a resource that compared more...
  11. average_joe

    Hidition NT-6 Custom IEM Review: The Ultimate Reference?

    Hidition NT-6 Custom IEM Review: The Ultimate Reference?     Hidition, located in Korea, has been making custom IEMs for quite some time but recently just revamped their lineup and website.  Their products are primarily sold through stores in Korea, but they are now selling...
  12. tomo3014

    Rooth Custom IEM 8driver IEM LS8, $830 Dollar SALE!!!!

    Imagine being able to hear things you never heard before. Imagine that your favorite song had much more to offer you.  Now you can feel this indescribable experience with the Rooth LS8.  LS8 is a 8 Drive Balanced Armature Custom IEM from Rooth.  Rooth was one of the first companies working...
  13. average_joe

    Rooth LS8 Custom IEM Review: Crystal Clear Power & Dynamics

      Rooth LS8: Crystal Clear Power & Dynamics     Rooth is under the same roof as Unique Melody, sharing the same facility and possibly the same manufacturing equipment, but both have different designers/technicians.  I took a blind flyer on the LS8 as there really wasn't much...
  14. Rooth Lab LS 8

    Rooth Lab LS 8

    Features - Amazing detail and clarity - Extremely smooth and liquid across the frequency spectrum - Powerful bass with great tactile performance