1. SoundFreaq

    The New Age of Portable Audio

    The new age of Portable Audio   The rise of universals and the slow decline of custom IEMs   There is a paradigm shift occurring with universals that is shaking portable audio to its core. The old-schoolers are having trouble wrapping their brains around what’s happening, and the new...
  2. svyr

    Rhapsodio RDB+ 2v1 review, impressions and appreciation thread.

    Rhapsodio released a new model a couple of weeks ago - RDB+ 2v1 It's a balanced armature (TWFK) + dynamic driver hybrid, with a balanced type of a sound signature, that can be had as a universal or custom IEM. You can find the frequency response chart here (bottom half) Seeing how the...
  3. eke2k6

    [REVIEW] Aurisonics ASG-2 & 2.5 (with many comparisons)

    Update: Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Revision (main ASG-2 review below)                       After more than a year since its release, the ASG-2 has been officially updated to a new revision. Dale and co. listened to customer feedback about the original, and have tweaked it accordingly. ...
  4. Rhapsodio RDB+ 2v1

    Rhapsodio RDB+ 2v1

    8mm dynamic + TWFK dual BA (3 drivers total) universal or custom IEM from Rhapsodio. A rather different sounding IEM to RDB+v1, and these are more different names than versons and 2v1 is very different to v1