1. Victorfabius

    [SOLD!]Vic's Mid-Tier Purge! RHA Dacamp L1 w/ CL1 IEM - $300

    Hello folks! I'm purging my collection! ConUS shipping: Free International shipping: $50 (USPS Priority International) PayPal fees: None Trades: Opposite of what I'm trying to do here Offers: Absolutely, just make sure your first number is the same as mine and in the same position. I've got...
  2. RHA CL1 Ceramic

    RHA CL1 Ceramic

    Optimised for use with amplifiers, the CL1 Ceramic combines two unique transducer technologies to exert unprecedented levels of control over an extended frequency range. The headphone’s CL Dynamic transducer has been engineered for bass and midrange accuracy, while the ceramic plate driver...