1. noplsestar

    [SOLD] FS: InEar ProPhile 8 (PP8) with Hansound Redcore Cable + various tips

    Hi there, I am selling my beloved InEar Prophile 8 IEMs (in mint condition) inclusive Hansound Redcore upgrade cable plus a big tip selection: Spinfits and Comply Foamtips are already included, so here are the other tips that I have collected: JVC Spiral Dots M and S, Spinfit CD220, Sony triple...
  2. Han Sound Audio Redcore OCC silver + OCC copper cable

    Han Sound Audio Redcore OCC silver + OCC copper cable

    The Redcore is a cable that is designed and made exclusively for Singapore and only available through Music Sanctuary. With a combination of OCC silver and OCC copper wiring, with double insulation of TPE and TPEE, providing a unique shielding effect of the wiring. The wires are then twisted by...
  3. jrbgarcia

    FS: Hansound Redcore

    Up for sale is a Hansound Redcore 2.5mm -> 2-pin. Silver cables, with copper for the ground. Gives IEMs a very black background, and smoothens treble peaks. $400 asking price, inclusive of PayPal and shipping. Willing to ship internationally from the Philippines.