1. ZzBOG

    Best headphones for virtual surround? ~$400

    I have Q701 + O2 + Soundblaster Omni. I am looking to upgrade Q701 to something that is better in terms of immersive sound and sounds better with virtual surround (Dolby DTS, SBX etc.). I am considering Audeze Mobius but I don't really need the microphone (I have Blue Yeti for that). Is...
  2. Mrpolobrown

    Better DAC/AMP for Sundara and/or Ananda? Ifi Micro Black Label or Schiit MultiBit/Cavalli Tube CTH

    Hi, I currently have a Q701 paired with numark ican ido. I am thinking of upgrading and going to Ananda(s), or Sundara(s). I am thinking of pairing with the Ifi Micro Label or get both a Schiit Multibit DAC and Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH). Any thoughts on if this is a good upgrade...
  3. Mackenzie

    Replacement Ear Pads

    I'm looking for a replacement set of ear pads for my Q701 'reference headphones' The ones I have are getting really worn and uncomfortable and I don't want some cheap after-market knockoff. Hoping to get linked to as close to the genuine original ear pads as possible to grab myself a pair of...
  4. Krellefdenmark

    AKG Q701 as replacement for K701 Bass Mod?

    Hello! Recently, i purchased a used pair of K701 Bass Mod, and I think they sound amazing! The only thing I have thought would make these headphones sound even better, was if it had just a TINY bit more punch in the bass - But everytime I try to EQ my way out of that, I end up going back to...