portable dac amp
  1. E

    Chicago meetups/stores?

    I was looking for meetups/stores where I can check out iems and get a feel for things
  2. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling H2 - Budget Portable DAC/AMP with Built-in Player

    Continuation of our H line of portable DAC/AMPs with built-in MicroSD card player. Now even smaller and more affordable at just 169 USD MSRP! New design, optimized for smaller size with control wheels integrated into the main body Same system platform as our H5 and H7 models Local playback...
  3. JCally AP10

    JCally AP10

    Features:- >Premium Dual DAC arrangement. >Dual CS43131 DAC Chips. >Supports High-Res 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256 Audio Signals. >Clean and Transparent Sound Performance. >LED Bitrate Indicator. >Powerful Output. >Dual Headphone Outputs(3.5mm Single-Ended & 4.4mm Balanced). >Amazing...
  4. Apos Audio

    10% off on the FiiO BTR5 2021 Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC/Amp

    Hi all, We have some exciting sale that is currently ongoing with the pocketable portable FiiO BTR5 2021 Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC/Amp. This product has dual ESS SABRE DACs, Bluetooth 5.0, and nine-hour battery life. Community members can save 10% on the FiiO BTR5 if purchased within this...
  5. Apos Audio

    TOPPING G5 Portable DAC/Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, We’re thrilled to announce the release of the TOPPING G5 Portable DAC/Amp on Apos Audio. This hi-def unit features classic TOPPING architecture in a portable package. Enjoy 24-bit Bluetooth, 32-bit PCM, and incredibly low noise (<0.00009% THD+N). it’s an ideal unit for audiophiles and...
  6. Questyle M15  ·  Mobile Lossless Headphone Amp with DAC

    Questyle M15 · Mobile Lossless Headphone Amp with DAC

    Concept The more complicated the world gets, the more concise we become. At Questyle, an integral part of our mission is to provide the simplest way for all cell phone users to enjoy lossless audio from streaming platforms, anytime and anywhere. In order to meet our customers’ growing demand...
  7. Sound N00b

    Best portable bluetooth dac/amp

    I have 3 problems I want to solve 1) I want to watch tv on my headphones/earphones (presumably via Bluetooth). A really long wire is not an option. 2) I want to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time 3) I want a better dac and amp then what is in my phone 3.5) Being able to take...