1. T

    Creating playlists on a PC - Fiio x7 Mark ii

    I understand how to create playlists on the Fiio x7 Mark ii but I would like to do it faster and easier on my PC and then drop it onto the x7. Is there an easy way to do this either with Fiio software or a third party? All my music on my PC is lossless and in one clean folder and the same...
  2. S

    Shanling M3s - Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

    Hi everyone! I'm new to posting on the forum, so I hope this is the proper channel to include this! I'm having a major bluetooth connectivity issue with my new Shanling M3s: I can connect to my car's system, but once I turn the car off and later re-start it, the bluetooth goes into an endless...
  3. Asphodel

    Easily managing playlists/.pls, Astell & Kern Jr?

    Hello, again; I'd like to ask how to efficiently and easily manage playlists on the A&K Jr. I'm sure somebody out there knows of a program that efficiently synchs things up, and there's likely no better place to ask then here, so... Hopefully, this title'll be un-vague enough that future...