1. IryxBRO

    Periodic Audio (USA) IEMs impression thread

    Recently got a chance to put my hands on 2 pairs of American IEMs from Periodic Audio brand. Created this thread for us to share the experience and knowledge about PA products. I would fill this first post with other IEMs from PA as soon as the reviews would be ready. Starting with their...
  2. meringo

    FS: Periodic Audio Be IEM [Price Reduced]

    I am selling my lightly used Periodic Be IEMs. I will include the original box, case, tips, and IEMs. Will provide free shipping anywhere USA. 2% paypal fee will be covered by buyer, unless they decide to send "gift" payment. ***Pictured with my spinfit tips, though not included***
  3. gward4

    Periodic Audio BE (Beryllium) for sale -- excellent -- purchased new in March 2017

    **SOLD!** I am selling my like-new Periodic Audio BE iems. I bought these new from Periodic Audio in March 2017. They have 25 to 40 hours on them. This is the complete kit with all original packaging and accessories and tips. Please see photos. These are nearly new, in full working order...