pad rolling
  1. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni Audio Sennheiser HD600 Pad Frequency Analysis

    Ok, here it is. The long-awaited Frequency Comparison charts for the Dekoni Audio HD600 Ear pads. Careful analysis and hours of listening go into our ear pads and we stand by our models as the best of the best as far as replacement ear pads go. I’m going to just jump right into it. I will...
  2. conquerator2

    FS: SOLD! An Assortment of earpads and accessories

    This is potentially the earpad roller's dream. I am selling earpads from various manufacturers including Audeze (LCD2), HIFIMAN (two different velours and pleathers without inserts), AKG (K702) and others yhst can fit various headphones as well as some useful accessories like the Hifiman...