nx ears
  1. NXEars Basso

    NXEars Basso

    Basso is a 4-BA design, it features a real copper faceplate that acts as a "foundation" for two its two woofers, the largest offered by Knowles, granting the Basso a solid bass line. Like all the NXEars IEMs, the Basso features AGL technology and an MMCX removable silver-plated cable come standard.
  2. NXEars Opera

    NXEars Opera

    Proprietary measurements and modellings were utilized to allow us to simulate a desirable frequency response and maintain an easy to drive impedance of 18-Ohm on the 3-way 8-driver network. Every Opera ships with 8-strand mono-crystal 6N copper MMCX cable. Opera will reveal every detail in your...