1. vsop2011

    Ipar 1023A Tube Pre Amp / Headphone Amp Review From China

    This amp I got it for around US$110, it has 4 pair RCA input with 1 pair ouput, 2 volume control, 1 for Preamp, 1 for Headphone, s/n ratio for preamp was -113db while head amp was -114db, technically details I did not really concern, but the sound it produce were supreme and musical, I had...
  2. P

    NuForce UDH-100

    Dear all,   Please can you tell me about the USB adaptive mode which is concerned with the NuForce UDH-100. I ask as I use a mac with the Audirvana software which fully utilises its abilities when no drivers are required. I've noted that there is a mac driver download for the UDH-100. Can...
  3. ishmael

    For Sale: Nuforce DAC100 DAC/headphone amp/pre-amp (another price drop!)

     I just learned these are already discontinued. Nuforce is replacing it with a cheaper DAC80 which doesn't have the unique copper enclosure and also doesn't have the killer class A headphone stage. They want $800 new for the DAC80 but you can get the DAC100 in near mint condition for less, right...
  4. project86

    Review: NuForce DAC-100 integrated DAC/amp

          NuForce has an interesting history of success. On the one hand, they became famous on the strength of their relatively high end amps and preamps. They still sell plenty of models in their "reference" line, most of which cost at least several thousand dollars. In more recent times...
  5. Armaegis

    [review] NuForce DAC-100

    It seems I've been acquiring a lot of Nuforce gear lately. Well what can I say; I find a brand with good service and quality offerings, and I keep climbing up the chain. This review will be covering two high end devices in their “100” line: the DAC-100 and the HAP-100, a dac/headphone amp and a...
  6. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! NuForce DAC-100

    anyone here has this DAC?  I did a search and did not see any threads about it.  I received mine today so I'm excited to check it out and see how it stacks up against my Lehmann Audio BCL.  
  7. ashishkushwaha

    DAC/Amp suggestions needed - All details included !!!!

    Hi All,   This is a both Headphone AMP as well as a DAC recommendation thread. I will start with all the details first:   Current Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT 990 (600 ohm) Music I listen to - Trance (lots of trance), New Age, instrumentals, chillout Current monitors - Swan t200b...
  8. Altair49

    Need help reaching the next level with my set up.

    Hello all!   New guy here, do not consider myself an audiophile by any means,  but I have always lusted after a high end system and I have the means to purchase one right now. My current setup consists of Shure earphones and a Fiio E17 with dock that I run my iPod through, as a first step...
  9. Jodet

    Nothing on the Nuforce DAC-100 yet?

    The new DAC100 dac and amp from Nuforce looks pretty slick.    No reviews?  No comments?     I was surprised how good the HDP was, especially for the money.   I would imagine nuforce could make quite a unit at this price range.    Anyone? 
  10. Jmstrmbn

    Nuforce Dac-100 News

    I was just checking out Nuforce's website and it seems they have announced a new flagship Headphone Amp/ DAC   Looks pretty nice!   What do you guys think?
  11. project86

    Review: NuForce DAC-80 - replacement for the DAC-100 (same sound, lower price)

          Not long ago I reviewed the new DAC-100 from NuForce. I was impressed with its dynamic, exciting sound, which focused more on musicality than excruciating detail. Fast forward a few months, I also covered some of the matching Home Series gear over at InnerFidelity. I liked the whole...
  12. jackskelly

    What should I buy next? SR-009?

    Hi everyone,   This is the first new thread I've authored myself. I just wanted to know your opinions concerning the STAX SR-009 compared to the a speaker system of around $10,000+ and other great set-ups. I've owned the LCD-2, and I now own the HD800 and T1, along with a very good Polk...
  13. Sniping

    Nuforce HAP-100 amp/pre-amp just announced! Thoughts? Using the Yahoo Currency Converter, the price seems to be around $700USD.
  14. NuForce DAC-100

    NuForce DAC-100

    NuForce DAC-100 is a class-leading digital-to-analog converter (supports USB and S/PDIF) and headphone amplifier designed for consumers seeking a level of performance typically found in the finest audiophile equipment. The DAC-100's headphone amp delivers enough power to drive most headphones...