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  1. SW1X Audio Design: DAC II

    SW1X Audio Design: DAC II

    From the SW1X site: SW1X Audio Design - DAC II Performance Level 2 D to A Converter DAC II is based on 2 x PCM56 DACs with more sophisticated power supplies and powerful 6N6P/6N30P/5687/E182CC valve output stage with 6X5GT (or GZ34/5Y3/5R4 as an option) valve rectification. The DAC has a...
  2. K

    FS: Metrum Amethyst NOS DAC - SOLD

    The Amethyst is a good introduction to the NOS sound...just not at full retail price. The DAC is in great shape aside from one cosmetic scuff on the side that you really have to try to notice (last picture shows what you can see of it) and one of the screws on the side panel having a stripped...
  3. ashwinvyas1981

    FS: Metrum Amethyst R2R NOS DAC/AMP

    Selling my Mertum Amethyst R2R NOS DAC in mint condition along with original box & all the supplied accessories. I am the first owner & still a month's warranty is left. I have upgraded to Metrum Jade so this needs to go. I am based out in India & the unit is 230V. I would prefer to ship this in...
  4. A

    FS: NOS DAC Metrum Amethyst

    For sale is a black Metrum Amethyst (Condition 8.5/10) Asking $685 net to me Of all my dacs this is my favorite, but am selling due to finances. It's got a warm romantic sound that adds so much realism and body to each note. Tames sibilance like no other and does wonders for vocals. Doesn't...