1. JamestheRipper

    Nixon Master Blaster

    I have never reviewed anything really, so I probably am unable to use most of the terminology, but here it goes!   People say "oh no not another fashion headphone" but never really gave it a chance or reviewed it - but they can be quite fun!   I'll admit they aren't worth the $200/$250...
  2. bocur

    Nixon Master Blaster

    Hi; I am selling my Nixon Master Blaster. They are in mint condition like a new. Buyer must cover shipping and Paypal fees. Thanks Yağız
  3. tdogzthmn

    Nixon Master Blaster: Any good?

    I was looking at the Master Blaster Headphone by Nixon. It looks well designed and comfortable. Retail is about $250. Has anyone heard one of these? I wouldn't expect them to have top notch sound but they do intrigue me. Note there is also a frequency response chart on the site which might...
  4. Nixon Master Blaster Headphones

    Nixon Master Blaster Headphones

    At work, or just hanging out on the couch, the Nixon Master Blaster Headphones are like having your own personal concert hall on your head.