1. AlterAnthony

    [SOLD] Audio-GD NFB-28.38

    Bought from Audio-GD's authorized European distributor Magna HiFi in November 2017. The amp/DAC is in immaculate condition and comes with all the upgrades that were available at the time (ES9038Pro, TCXO, Amanero 384, etc). Still one of the best all-in-ones I've heard. I'll ship in the original...
  2. Nolanh87

    Audio-gd NFB-28.38

    Alright. I'm just confused about the digital filter settings. I emailed them and got even more confused. So on there website it looks like this Opened up my nfb-28 and looks like That pic shows mine as a 5 pin. Same as audio-gd website except the fir_2 is the 5th...