1. SLC1966

    *Sold* NCM Bella V2 Universal IEM

    Selling my Nguyen Customs Monitors (NCM) Bella V2 IEMs. They are the Universal version. They are in perfect condition. They are their flagship Hybrid (1DD,8BA) monitor. They sell new for $1025. I purchased them new from NCM one year ago. comes with everything that was included in the sale...
  2. NCM Bella V2

    NCM Bella V2

    NCM Bella V2 is an alternate version of the NCM Bella V1. The both have 1 DD and 8 BA drivers but different 4-way crossovers and acoustic filters. Bella V2 has a more up front sound signature versus the darker V1. Both are still offered due to their different sound signature.
  3. Hawaiibadboy

    NCM (Nguyen Custom Monitors) - Universal/Custom

    Re-building the thread!! More pics coming and reviews ;)