1. S

    Impactful voice?

    Hi! Can you tell me EQ parameters to put in my EQ(for example 4khz +2db and so on...) so that the vocals in my music are impactful(they feel close and natural,like you are close to the singer) but not peaking? If I turn the mids up a lot it is kinda like that but they also peak a lot.
  2. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni ÆON Elite Pads Now Launched

    Hey Dekoni fans! Today, we’re proud to present our Elite pads for Dan Clark Audio’s ÆON portable headphones! Dan Clark and his team are wizards when it comes to squeezing high performance out of headphones since their start as Mr Speakers with modified headphones, till now with their in-house...
  3. iBasso AM05

    iBasso AM05

    5 Knowles Balanced Armature Driver units each side Impedance:- 32 ohms Sensitivity:- 115 dB +/- 2dB Frequency Range:- 10Hz-40kHz 2.5mm Balanced MMCX cable included [/LIST]
  4. Simphonio Dragon 3 Dynamic Driver Audiophile HiFi Earbuds Earphone

    Simphonio Dragon 3 Dynamic Driver Audiophile HiFi Earbuds Earphone

    Specification Driver: 15.8mm Dynamic Neodymium magnet Frequency Response:20-25000 Hz Impedance: 150Ω Output Sound Pressure Level:108±3dB/mW Maximum Input Power:3mW Cable: 1.3 meter 6N OCC 8 cores Weight: 14g Accessorries A 2,5” balanced (TRRS) female to 3,5” single ended (TRS) male adapter...