1. cobaltmute

    The GrubDAC

    I made an off-handed comment in another thread and since people are asking for functionality in a board the haven't seen yet, I might as well make this public. I decided to build my father one of joneeboi's USB headphone amp for his birthday. I ordered myself some of his prototype boards and...
  2. redrich2000

    Best $50 USB DAC, amp not needed

    I want to get a cheap DAC to connect between an iMac and powered external speakers. I wouldn't mind a DAC/amp combo but it would need to have a pass through feature. But ideally I just want a cheap USB DAC that is powered out of the computer with a mini out. I don't need something amazing, just...
  3. Mute Audio GrubDAC

    Mute Audio GrubDAC

    What is the GrubDAC? The Mute Audio GrubDAC is a ground-referenced, USB-input high-fidelity audio DAC. When assembled properly and attached to the computer via a USB 1.1 port, it will be natively detected in Windows, OSX and Linux without the need of any add-on drivers. Once recognized and setup...