moondrop variations
  1. Moondrop Starfield II

    Moondrop Starfield II

  2. Sebastien Chiu

    Last Call for's August Sale for 10% Off Moondrop, Topping, and SMSL Ending August 26th!

    Hey folks, Come save 10% on Moondrop. Topping and SMSL with us! Some of the products on sale include the following: Moondrop Variations Topping A30 Pro iFi Go Blu & Moondrop Blessing 2 bundle SMSL SH-9 THX AAA Desktop Headphone Amplifier If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  3. H

    Moondrop Kato / Blessing 2 Dusk / Variation

    Hi all, While I have access to budget for all three, I am having hard time to choose one. So far, I've tried B2, (which is great IEM except missing of bass and not so fun) and Shure Aonic 5 (I can tell it is upgrade from B2, but not sure if I wisely spent extra to upgrade. I got open box for...
  4. Audio46

    MoonDrop KATO lands at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of MoonDrop MoonDrop's brand new KATO has arrived at Audio46, along with restocking of all your favorites, including the Aria, Starfield, Variations, S8, and more. All of it is available online and in store! SHOP MOONDROP>
  5. Wasaabi

    Moondrop Variations (measurement)- One of the most cost-effective EST+BA+DD iems

    Moondrop has always been a company pursuing Harman Target Curve, and so is their Variations. There's a small hole on the panel of Variations, which should be designed for its DD. It is a three-way design with three channels at the sound outlet, each channel is responsible for bass, mids and...
  6. G

    Moondrop Variations iem impressions

    I just got new iem, moondrop variations. I'm using it with the stock cable: moondrop pcc and ifi hip dac. With eartips azla earfit light standard edition. For me, this iem sounds great, but somehow i still feel the lack some bass quantity in low sector. I don't know if I'm wrong with my ears or...

    Announcing VARIATIONS——Your next tribrid option from MOONDROP

    Sometime around last year we heard some voices that they seek a more affordable tribrid option from us since the announcement of Blessing 2, so on today morning, we are coming up with this "dream come true" thing, The VARIATION. Like our Blessing 2, the variation is equipped with a stainless...