1. metaldood

    Schiit Mjolnir V1

    Second owner. Good condition. No scratches or dings. Regular usage at home. Bought used on Head-Fi few years back. Original box not included. Shipping to lower 48 states only. Discount if picking up locally in Bay Area, CA Split shipping fee as it's a heavy amp. Paypal Goods Fee included.
  2. roskodan

    [FS] [EU] Schiit Mjolnir v1 (230V)

    For sale, Schiit Mjolnir v1 balanced amp (230V). Original boxing, flawless operation, great cosmetic shape as well. Accepting PayPal and IBAN transfers. Great TOTL sounding amp, superior soundstage and micro macro dynamic fidelity, spot on tonality, easily an endgame. Selling to fund other...
  3. Vicca Tito

    Sold! Schiit Mjolnir (v1)

    Perfectly well conditioned headamp with oozes of power. This one sports 1st version. Personally have tried many Schiit products and I swear that only those older units sound good. So not some new s.hit whatsoever! Bargain price, shipping is not included.
  4. Number9

    Mjolnir Audio KGDT | Stax Headphone Amplifier

    This is a KGDT built and sold by Birgir (Spritzer) at Mjolnir Audio based on a Kevin Gilmore design. No longer made. But if you search the forums here you will find lots of information on the KGDT. I am the original owner. Serial number is 011. This is one of the rare few KGDT's made and it has...
  5. blance44

    Sold! Schiit Mjolnir 2 and Gungnir

    Up for sale today is my beloved Schiit stack in pristine condition. I've had it for about a year but I've come to realize that my headphones aren't getting much use compared to my speakers these days. The stack sounds amazing and I will definitely miss it but I can no longer justify keeping it...
  6. songmic

    FS: Mjolnir Audio KGSSHV Carbon (230V) + Stax SR-007A

    Note: The SR-007A is the original Japanese version of its import version SR-007MK2 that most of you are familiar with, the only difference being the looks (SR-007A is silver/black whereas SR-007MK2 is entirely black, as you can see in the photo attached). The SR-007MK2/A I'm selling is the...
  7. songmic

    FS: Stax SR-007A + Mjolnir Audio KGSSHV Carbon (230V)

    Note: The SR-007A is the original Japanese version of its import version SR-007MK2 that most of you are familiar with, the only difference being the looks (SR-007A is silver/black whereas SR-007MK2 is entirely black, as you can see in the photo attached). The SR-007MK2/A I'm selling is the...
  8. KC-130

    FS: Select Amps Available

    I'm selling a few select Amps from my collection. All are in excellent condition and well cared for.in a smoke-free & dust-free environment. All Amps include Original Packaging and Accessories. Prices include PayPal Fees & CONUS Shipping No Trades at this time. $550 - Monolith Liquid...
  9. Gego

    [FS] Schiit Mjolnir 2 + Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Gumby) - END OF HOBBY

    Dear Headfi, I'm quitting this hobby so i'm selling my gear. I'm selling my beloved Schiit Stack, a Mjolnir 2 + the Gumby. I also include a pair of Tubemongers Socket Savers and 5670 Adapter for your tuberolling pleasure. They are in excellent condition (See pictures). I still have the...
  10. ogodei

    SOLD Mjolnir KGSSHV 2SA1968 electrostatic amplifier, 115/220 switchable

    SOLD my Mjolnir Audio KGSSHV 2SA1968 electrostatic amplifier. Full sized older unit with.1dB matched, non-stepped attenuator. Tested and rejuvenated by Spritzer in 2016, purchased by me in 2017. Pro output only. 115/220 switchable, currently set to 115 9 of 10 technical for age only; works...
  11. tholt

    SOLD Mjolnir Audio KGSSHV Carbon — Like new

    About a year and a half old and in excellent condition. Recently bought from a fellow head-fier. Unfortunately, funds are needed elsewhere at this time or I wouldn't be selling it. My 007mk2 never sounded better. Fantastic amplifier. Please see pictures. Relatively new here but I'm a long-time...
  12. Dan Lee

    FS: Matched Tubes

  13. Dan Lee

    SOLD: Schiit Mjolnir 2 $600

  14. EndGameSearch

    SOLD - Mjolnir Audio KGSSHV Carbon Amp - Bought new August 2018

  15. Armament

    SOLD FS: Schiit Mjolnir near mint! SOLD

    https://imgur.com/a/NWRUEqe Price: SOLD Up for sale is my Schiit Mjolnir. It is in near mint condition aside from the ding pictured. I've decided to switch to a different amp. Included with the Schiit Mjolnir is the power cable and original box. I only ship to the CONUS. If you feel the price...
  16. C

    Looking for Siemens CCA Gray Shield '63s

    Wanting to upgrade my newly purchased Mjolnir 2 tubes from stock to these. Been looking online, but have only found them on eBay. Are these sellers to be trusted? If anyone has links to where to buy these authentic tubes, it would be appreciated.
  17. Shembot

    SOLD: Schiit Audio Mjolnir 2 Amplifier with 6BZ7 Tubes!

    Greetings! I offer for sale my Schiit Audio Mjolnir 2 amplifier with the Schiit-provided 6BZ7 tubes. Under 50 total listening hours on the tubes. Excellent condition, includes factory power cable, and ships in the original Schiit packaging (complete). Price: SOLD $775 SOLD plus actual cost of...
  18. mudihan


    Selling on behalf of my friend in NYC. He is longtime lurker here but hasn't posted much at all. I have listened to this amp (with Stax 009, which he is also selling) and it is in perfect condition. This guy, a world-class classical musician, takes care of his gears. If you are interested, let...
  19. lac29

    Schiit Mjolnir 1

    $500 shipping included within continental USA. Has been with me in environment without children, pets, or smoking. I'm also open to offers. Will be shipped in Schiit box with foam padding. https://imgur.com/a/2ylJV
  20. Luxifer

    Schiit Mjolnir 2, Stock Tubes, LISST, ’75 Voskhod Rocket Gray Shield, Tubemonger Socket Savers

    Second owner of this Mjolnir 2, and its in excellent condition. Includes: Stock tubes, LISST, 1975 Voskhod Rocket Gray Shields, Tubemonger Socket Savers, ~$1100 retail before tax. Original packaging included. I can almost always ship same day. I'm asking $850 net. I'm in Chicago for local...
  21. chrisjepson

    FS: Liist Solid State Tubes (Pair)

    Selling a pair of barely used Liist tubes in plastic packaging. Asking $75 shipped in CONUS.
  22. chrisjepson

    Schiit Mjolnir Balanced Headphone Amp w/Audioquest Interconnects

    Selling a gently used in excellent condition, Schiit Mjolnir Balanced Headphone amp with a pair of Audioquest Sidewinder interconnects (.75m). This amp has both RCA and XLR (balanced) inputs, and XLR pre out. For the headphone outputs, there are two balanced outputs - a single 4-pin XLR & dual...
  23. Nicholas Seltzer

    Who has used the Peachtree Nova 300 as a headphone amp?

    I'm in the process of upgrading some stuff and I'm really, really tempted to go for the Nova 300 because it just seems to do a great job at so many things. But my alternative is to the route of separate components, including a Schiit Gungnir MB and Mjolnir 2 stack. I want both an excellent...
  24. ngyu

    WTB: Schiit Mjolnir 2

    Looking for a Schiit Mjolnir 2. Let me know what you got! If you have tubes included, that would be great too. Eyeing Amperex Orange globes, Phillips Miniwatt, etc. Thanks!