1. Austin Morrow

    MHDT Labs Stockholm V2: Taiwanese Craftsmanship At Its Best (Review)

      MHDT Labs is a company that has been on the audio scene for quite a few number of years. One of their very first products, the Havana (and now the Balanced Havana, which has been heavily requested) was an absolutely gorgeous looking DAC that had fabulous audio fidelity, very good...
  2. KrishM

    MHDT Steeplechase Tube 24/192 DAC - Thoughts?

    *Updated 2/12/13 to remove erroneous NOS labeling/product info. MDHT revised the product page to reflect the changes.   It looks like MHDT has a new tube buffered DAC out called the Steeplechase. There aren't any reviews out, and it's being sold for $843. Thoughts? Anyone own it and want to...
  3. steveoboy

    MHDT Lab Stockholm Balanced DAC

    This is not an review. It is just my first impression of this DAC. Take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt because my ears are different than yours as are my components. My system: McIntosh C2300 preamp(I also have an YS Audio Balanced A2SE which is currently not in my system,although it...
  4. MHDT Labs Stockholm Balanced DAC

    MHDT Labs Stockholm Balanced DAC

    Stockholm DAC is a non over-sampling and no digital filter DAC. Stockholm DAC is a successor model of our successful Havana series DAC. The analog section circuit is the same as Havana DAC. The digital receiving section changed from CS8414 to CS8416 to get higher capacity of incoming S/PDIF...