1. Bossatiger

    Small Amp/DAC for HD800

    I'm looking for a small-footprint "transportable" Amp/usb-DAC unit that will pair will with HD800s. Budget can extend, but I would love to keep it under the $1000 mark. Currently I am looking at: Woo WA7: Tube amp, very beautiful with a 32/192 - $900 (a little on the pricey side) ALO Pan Am...
  2. alwaysec

    amp for T1 and HD650

    sorry new here. if i do something wrong, pls let me know :P   i own T1 and HD650, am looking for an amp and dac which will match both pretty well.    currently, i have a tiny and lovely Fiio E17. it is mainly for my iems, but does help a lot to power hd650.    i asked the same...
  3. Argo Duck

    Meier Audio Daccord

    New equipment from Jan Meier is always an occasion. In the last few hours Jan announced technical details of his new DAC in the Meier Audio Stagedac thread. More information at his website.   Some notable differences from the Stagedac., e.g. looks like careful attention to jitter control...
  4. oldson

    calling all current and former Meier Stagedac owners?

    had my stagedac for a few years now, and am happy with it. but like most on here, i cant help wondering if there is something out there that is better, for the same price range. i think i paid around £500. how much would i have to spend to noticably improve on it's performance? thanks
  5. khollister

    ARRIVED: new Rega DAC

    I have one of the new Rega  DAC's coming from Audio Advisor tomorrow, so I will be posting my impressions shortly. Hadn't seen any discussion here about this unit, but as a previous Rega Planet CDP owner, I have always like Rega's sonic approach to digital. Aside from Rega's focus on musicality...
  6. Argo Duck

    Schiit Bifrost vs Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC and Meier Corda Stagedac

    Updates and where to find them are listed here   1. 22/23 November: Added comments to 'Part (a) Highs'  based on listening with my old Stax Lambda Pro. Obviously, the Corda Concerto was not involved.   2. 20/21 December: See post 48 (p.4) for tentative comments of Beyer T1 with...
  7. koto-in

    Meier Audio StageDAC

    New offering from Dr. Meier with selectable DAC and crossfeed options - must be Wolfson inside... meier audio
  8. PedroH

    Alternative to Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear USB

    I'm using the Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear USB connected to a MacBookPro and Grado RS1i to listen to music at the office.   Now I am planning to buy a similar system for home. I could buy exactly the same system but I would like to try something different (and better).   What's the...
  9. googleli

    AMP for Ultrasone Edition 10? Please help a NOOB

    I am a noob of full size cans. I don't even have a proper source or desktop amp. Currently I only use my Hifiman 801 (playing 24/96 files) as source and output to RSA blackbird and then to the Ultrasone ED10.   I will consider an amp first then source. In my driving vicinity, the following...
  10. cooperpwc

    You have to wonder what Jan is up to...

    Visiting the Meier Audio amplifier page, an unmistakable trend has been emerging. The Symphony 2 DAC/Amp was discounted and now it is  "!! SOLD-OUT !!". It no longer shows a price and it doesn't look like it is coming back.   The list goes on: The top-of-line Concerto is "!! Sold out !!"...
  11. Szadzik

    Amplifier and DAC Choice

    Team,   I have been researching choices of headphone amplifiers and DACs to build a desktop rig.   I currently have an All-in-One desktop PC that I will use as the source - coaxial out or USB to be used to connect a DAC and amp.   I have been reading about Burson Audio HA-160 and it...
  12. tubulis

    Saying Hello - and the BURSON HA-160D versus the CORDA CONCERTO + CORDA STAGEDAC

      Hi all   A long time lurker has finally summoned up the courage to post. Over the last few months I've been an avid reader of the forum sucking up information and new audiophile terminology like a demented vacumn cleaner.    So my virgin paragraph leads me on to my first question but...
  13. epocs

    DACs with 2 outputs

    I was wondering how many DACs you guys know that have two outputs?   I saw the Stagedac by Meier audio is one of them, with an output that is at a set volume level, while the other is volume controlled. You guys know of any others?
  14. akart

    I have pulled the trigger

    Folks,   I have made a reservation for the T1 + StageDAC + Concerto combination. I can't wait to get it. :-)
  15. sastley

    Woo Audio 3 + Meier Stagedac, best bang-for-the-buck in the price range?

    I have done some reading, and found that both of these products received good reviews, and had features that I like. My budget, unfortunately, is a bit smaller than I would have liked, so my max would be around $1200 for a DAC and an amplifier. Ideally, I would like to keep it under $1000, but I...
  16. Audio Jester

    Audio GD DAC19(DSP) + C2 vs Meier Concerto + StageDAC vs ???

    As the title says, should I pull the pin on the Audio GD rig or is there something I am missing?   Proposed headphones: Denon D7000 Senn HD650 LCD-2   Musical taste: Bass Head A little sensitive to highs All Genres   Other points: Single ended only Solid State only...
  17. Meier Audio StageDAC

    Meier Audio StageDAC

    The STAGEDAC is a state-of-the-art Digital-to-Analog converter with integrated crossfeed and volume controlled outputs. It offers a maximum of sound quality for as little as money as possible. Despite its slim appearance inside two top-of-the-line Wolfson D/A converter chips in dual-mono mode...