1. smithy316

    Thoughts on wireless earbuds

    These are Enjai earbuds. The reciever is ~ the size of quarter. The creator of them tried to get funding with a thing like Kickstarter but failed. Why is there a lack of interest? Why aren't there more things like this? Is there an technical/engineering reason why they haven't been done before...
  2. bhazard

    Cannice, Handream, & Rambotech (Anker, Audiosynq, Jaycar, Jaybird?, MeElectronics AF71 Air-fi, mWorks) Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-x Earphones/Headphones

    Found an OEM while searching for good chinese headphones called Rambotech. These seem to be one of the first few good apt-x bluetooth (rechargeable) earphones with in-line controls. They also seem to be very similar to the $150 Jaybird Bluebird X and $90 MEEelectronics AF71.   Rambotech...
  3. Masterjay88

    Has anyone modded their Meelectronics Air-Fi AF32?

    Just picked up a pair of AF32's a month or so ago.  I noticed that they have 3 thick layers including the padding between your ears and the driver.  Has anyone cut out the center or modded them in anyway?  I would like to try it out but don't want to do permanent damage to the headphones.
  4. Fozzie

    Looking for decent wireless IEMs (Phiaton PS 20 BT?)

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for decent wireless IEMs for workout at the gym.   My main IEMs are Shure SE535. When I workout i'm using the SoundMagic PL-50 and I want to replace them with wireless BT set.     Any recommendations ?     What do you think about the Phiaton PS 20 BT ...
  5. fidler

    Wireless Headphones for watching Movies

    Hi All,   Newbee Here.   I'am looking for recommendations to Wireless Headphones to use with my TV while watching movies, I would have loved to use wired headphones but unfortunately my new TV does not come with a headphone out. That means I would then need to buy a seperate headphone...
  6. MEElectronics Air-Fi AF12

    MEElectronics Air-Fi AF12

    Tiny, lightweight design is perfect for travel and your everyday commute Wirelessly stream stereo audio Ergonomic angled fit for long term comfort Over-the-ear cable design ensures a secure fit for your active lifestyle Conveniently located buttons control media, calls, and volume Built in...