massdrop + plus
  1. M

    Fiio FH5 or Massdrop Plus? (maybe Final B3 or FH7?)

    Hey all, I've been thinking about stepping up my IEM game and I'm having a tough time deciding which IEM to get. A little history, I have a Tin T2 and Final E2000. I had a Tin T4, but sold it because I found it too fatiguing and the treble made it feel a bit messy to me. I like the tonality of...
  2. H

    WTS Massdrop Plus excellent condition with unused cable and eartips

    Title says all, these have maybe 30 hours on them. I used my own cable so the stock cable is brand new, as are all the eartips. These punch way above their price point, but now that I have a solaris I don’t use them as much (granted those cost nearly 5x as much).
  3. Mobat


    Looking to finance a laptop so I’m looking to part with my Massdrop Plus. Condition is great, no issues whatsoever. I will include everything that came with them including the original box, case, eartips and cleaner if I can find it. Additionally I will include small spin-fits. The case shown...
  4. BrokeSkoolBoi

    $old: Massdrop+ IEM w/ null audio mic cable

    Downsizing the collection. Comes with $50 null audio cable, with microphone, and jvc medium spiral dots at no extra cost. Includes original case, cable and tips No trades.
  5. C

    Massdrop PLUS IEM

  6. T

    Massdrop Plus vs Ikko oh1

    As the title says I'm trying to decide between the two. I really don't know which one to pick. I'm looking for something that puts some emphasis on the bass. If you have any other recommendations for IEM's in this price range then thats fine too. For refrence: at home I use a pair of Sennheiser...
  7. adolchristin

    WTS Massdrop Plus w/ Extras - $275 shipped CONUS

    Great set of IEMs but I upgraded to Campfire Andromedas so these need a new home. Extras include: iFi iEMatch which is practically necessary for these sensitive IEMs Null Audio brevity cable w/ case (the stock cable is trash) Small/Medium Spinfit tips which fit this nozzle The Massdrop Plus...
  8. clerkpalmer

    FS: Massdrop Plus IEMs

    For sale. Excellent shape. Box, case and all tips included. Recently purchased on here from a headfier and just not for me. Asking $225. Will add pics and email upon request.