1. drheadphone

    M2Tech HiFace Evo USB Digital Interface

  2. taz23

    M2Tech HiFace DAC 32/384 impressions?

    I am interested in the M2Tech HiFace DAC that is capable of 32 bit 384kHz from USB.  But it seems that there isn't much review on this device...   Anyone has this DAC, and any comments/comparisons of it with other small-sized DACs like Dragonfly, ODAC, HRT etc?   Thanks!
  3. gilfish

    FS: M2Tech Hi-Face Evo USB to S/PDIF Converter **** SOLD ******

    ***** SOLD *****   M2Tech Hi-Face Evo USB to S/PDIF Converter   Excellent condition, retails for $500. Will sell for $325 and FREE shipping in USA (US Priority).   M2Tech Evo is a USB-to-digital audio converter that is capable of flawlessly transferring a digital audio signal from your...
  4. astrostar59

    M2Tech EVO with or without CLOCK - any point in it??

    Hi All I have taken the plunge, and ordered the M2Tech EVO USB convertor, and was wondering if buying the M2Tech external clock made much difference.         I would use a Mac Mini with external drive, and use the USB connection into the EVO, then run Coax RCA out to my Audio Note...
  5. SP Wild

    M2Tech hiFace EVO

    Anybody tried this little unit yet.  It looks promising on paper - power is now lifted away from the USB line.   http://www.wickeddigital.com.au/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=joomlaplates.tpl&product_id=735&category_id=70&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=53
  6. ManBeard

    M2tech hiFace EVO USB interface

    For sale M2tech hiFace EVO USB interface. I'm the original owner. In perfect shape and sounds great. This comes with the wallwart power adapter but can be paired with the EVO Supply for even better performance. Asking $320. Shipping included in the CONUS. Please contact me with any questions...
  7. M2Tech Hi-Face EVO USB to SPDIF Converter

    M2Tech Hi-Face EVO USB to SPDIF Converter

    Manufacturer Description: hiFace Evo by M2Tech is the new statement in high quality computer audio interfaces. Hosted in a compact and stylish aluminium case, hiFace Evo is capable of flawlessly transfer audio data up to 192kHz, 24 bits to virtually every DAC or A/V receiver around, thanks to...