1. Violent_Sneeze

    Forza AudioWorks Copper Series/Pyre Android Digital LOD - $23

    Selling my barely used Forza AudioWorks Pyre Android Digital LOD cable as it's no longer needed. Terminations are Micro-B to Micro-B, and it's 5cm long. Was originally $60 bucks. Ships for FREE to CONUS and Canada. From their website: Digital LOD cable for Android incorporating FAW 7N Cryo OCC...
  2. ttaazz

    Cayin C5 + Apple Ipod 32Go + Lod

    hello, I sell a combo amp / dap, very good synergy I suggest you this very nice set. There is the ipod 32GB (64GB for a few tens of euros more), a Lod "flat" and the amp Cayin C5 Very nice for gift Very good condition. Possible separate sale, 75 € for Cayin C5 and 140 € for ipoh + Lod I can...
  3. ttaazz

    Apple Ipod 32Go + Cayin C5 + Lod

    Hi, I put on sale my combo iPod 4th Gen 32Go and a great amp Cayin C5 and the LOD, it's a very good lot, good sound and powerful :smile_phones: All is in very great state, the Cayin is like new :wink: I don't have the box, but I send in a very very well protected package :dt880smile: I have...
  4. mbritt

    For Sale ALO Cotton Dock LOD

    Sold Cleaning out my audio closet and came across my ALO Cotton Dock LOD that I used to use with a Headroom Mini stack amplifier. This cable was the first time I got to hear the difference a cable can make and it blew me away. I used it for a few months then bought the matching Headroom Micro...
  5. Jmop

    FiiO L1 or L3 or similar

    Hey all, I'm looking for either of these 30-pin LODs or an LOD with a similar form factor (straight plug) and is both cheap and of decent quality to use with my RSA P-51 Mustang. This type of cable would be ideal since the line-in on the amp is placed between the headphone out and the volume...
  6. Neccros

    Wanted: 30 pin LOD cable for iPod Nanos, Classics and Videos

    Pretty much title sums it up. Looking for something a little better quality than the LOD Fiio sells, but nothing crazy expensive! This is for a iPod to portable headphone amp Thanks
  7. Smousesme

    WTB: ANY Balanced LOD

    Hi, I'm looking for any balanced LOD. I want to play balanced from my wm1a, through my vorzuge. I will take ANY connection from 2.5mm, 3.5mm, to 4.4mm. Ideally I'd be buying a 4.4mm trrrs to 3.5mm trs LOD. If not, then it won't be hard for myself to buy some adapters. Let me know!!!
  8. Smousesme

    WTB: trrs/trrrs LOD for wm1a-vorzuge

    Hi, I'm looking for a 4.4mm/3.5mm trrs LOD cable. This is so I can get native dsd playing from my wm1a, whilst being amped by my vorzuge. So it's a 4.4mm/3.5mm trrs - to 3.5mm trs cable (if they exist) XD Shipping and PayPal's on me. Let me know if you've got one for sale, or know of where to...