1. Sony Slave

    I Need Help On Making AMP/DAC decision

    I'm not sure what type of combination I want..... These are all the combinations i'm going for pretty much.   Little Dot 1+/Modi Magni/Modi Objective2 Amp/Objective DAC Little Dot 1+/Objective DAC   I'm leaning towards the Little Dot 1+/Modi combination.   I already know about the...
  2. darkarn

    Project Sunrise II, Project Starlight or Little Dot 1+?

    Hi guys, I am choosing a new tube amp since my Bravo V2 died on me and have narrowed down my choices to the following:   1. Project Sunrise II: Having 12AU7 tubes already helps greatly in cutting down costs, but this is the most expensive. I really liked the ability to change the colour of the...
  3. rage3324

    Grado SR325i Amp and Dac suggestions? Little Dot 1+?

    I am just reading up on amps and dacs that pair well with Grado line of headphones. It seems universal that the Little Dot I+ is the amp to get, however I am not sure if a dac is something I should also buy.    My set up would be Macbook Pro -> amp/dac -> headphones.    I'm not sure I want...
  4. Puppy2Hand

    Problem with tubes on my Little Dot 1+

    Hi, I've owned a little dot 1+ for 8 months and it is finally time to replace tubes due to the amplifier doesn't give any sound.   I've bought mullard EF92 tubes and tried them on.   Problem is the sound that's coming out is way low, and gets distorted when i crank the volume knob above...
  5. JoeDoe

    Xduoo Amplifiers

    After a quick search, the only threads available regarding Xduoo are concerned with its portable amps.   Just found these two on eBay.  ...
  6. Clincher09

    Best $100 amp?

    I'm currently running my Denon D2000s through a Fiio E11. However, I know that this amp isn't bringing these phones to their true potential. Also the short battery life and inability to charge while in use is kind of killing it for me.   I've been out of the game for a while and have no idea...