lime ears
  1. Animagus

    Lime Ears Impressions and Discussions Master Thread (New Flagship IEM - Anima)

    I was wanting to post my impressions of Lime Ears new flagship - Anima and noticed that there was no thread for Anima yet and most of Lime Ears IEMs' impressions and discussions were split between multiple threads. So, I thought I'll start a Lime Ears Master Thread where everyone can post...
  2. Lime Ears Pneuma

    Lime Ears Pneuma

    FACTS One titanium dynamic driver for sub-bass Four balanced armature drivers Four-way passive hybrid crossover Switchable subwoofer dynamic driver Utilising VariBore and BAM technology. PHILOSOPHY With the new Pneuma our goal was to create an IEM to enjoy. Thanks to the 7mm titanium dynamic...
  3. Lime Ears Aether R

    Lime Ears Aether R

    "Our design goal was to create the feeling of a big, three-way far field monitor system with a regulated external subwoofer placed in a spacious, well acoustically treated room. We wanted the listener to experience everything the sound engineer had created in the recording, with a touch of top...
  4. Piotr Michalak

    Lime Ears Aether R universal world premiere!

    Yes, this is also Aether R(evised) official premiere and we start taking orders now at Aether R will have no longer have 5 drivers, but 6 (six), sporting an upgraded, faster bass response with 2 drivers matched together for low...
  5. He Is Emil

    Lime Ears introduction and Model X universal announcement!

    I thought I would take a second to officially say hello! Today is another special day. Why? Cool story is that back in 2011 being acoustic engineer and musician myself and wanting to make myself my own pair of Custom InEar Monitors (CIEM) I stumbled upon HeadFi. Frankly speaking it was a huge...
  6. Bluecactus123

    DAP for 1000€ CIEMs?

    Hi, so I've recently bought myself Limeears Aethers, and I don't think driving them off an iPhone is a good idea. Do you have any suggestions for daps or any other audiophile friendly things?